How to Get Around Italy

By train

By train, you will have to get to Italy with at least two transfers in neighboring European countries, because. There are no direct rail flights from Russia. The journey takes more than 3 days.

By plane

The most acceptable way to get to Italy from Russia is by plane. Direct regular flights to the country are possible from the airports of Moscow and St. Petersburg. This flight option will take no more than 4 hours. Charter flights to Rimini, Palermo, Verona, Venice and Bari are organized every summer from Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The budget option is a connecting flight through the Baltic states, Finland or Switzerland.

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By bus or taxi

By car, most Russian travelers travel to Italy through Belarus. The road is long, and you will have to take out several insurance policies, not to mention regular checks and inspections at border posts.


For tourists in Italy, the best mode of transport is trains and electric trains. Almost the entire country is covered by a developed network of railways, and modern high-speed trains run between cities. At the same time, the ticket price is very affordable compared to airplanes.

On intercity buses it is advisable to go where the train does not go. As a rule – in the foothills of the Alps in the north of the country. It is profitable to ride buses inside cities, but tickets for them can only be bought at specialized kiosks.

Important: when entering any bus in Italy, you must validate the ticket. They are stamped with the date of sale and the ticket is only valid for 75 minutes. In the absence of an imprint on the ticket during control, a huge fine is charged from the passenger on the spot.

Taxis in any city in Italy are a luxury, and it is almost impossible to “catch” a car on the street. You need to call the car in advance, at least 2 hours before the trip.


The official currency in Italy is the euro, EUR. There are 100 euro cents in one euro. Money in most shops, cafes and restaurants, and other institutions are accepted both in cash and by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro bank cards.

Currency exchange points in Italy are located in bank offices, airport terminals and post offices. Local authorities are trying to fight against illegal exchangers, so it becomes more and more difficult to change money “on the street” every year.

Important: most banks and currency departments in Italy are open from 8:00 to 14:00 on weekdays and from 8:00 to 12:30 on Saturdays. Sunday is a day off for all financial institutions.


Italian cuisine is known all over the world. Listing all the popular dishes will take a very long time, so we will focus on the most famous dishes that every tourist needs to try.

Pizza. In fact, the prototype of pizza was invented by the ancient Greeks, but it was the Italian version that appealed to the whole world. There are several hundred recipes, but real Italian pizza is prepared, firstly, in Naples, and secondly, strictly in a brick oven.

Paste. The Italian name for what is usually called pasta in Russia. Served in any cafe and restaurant with the most incredible sauces.

Lasagna. A kind of pasta baked in the oven in layers – with meat, cheese and vegetable filling.

Risotto. The famous thick rice soup cooked with fish, sausages or pumpkin.

Carpaccio. Sliced meat or seafood. Each region has its own recipes.


Rome is the Eternal City, the City of Love and the heart of all Italy. Whatever epithets Rome was awarded, therefore most of the sightseeing tours in Italy start from here. See the legendary Colosseum and the Forum, or walk through hundreds of museums – it’s up to you.

Florence – if Rome is the Italian heart, then Florence is its soul. It was in this city that Leonardo began his majestic journey, along with other masters of the Renaissance, it was in the Florentine dialect that Dante’s Divine Comedy was written. The main competitor of the capital in terms of the number of excursion tours.

Venice is the most romantic and rainiest Italian city. Couples in love come here for their honeymoon, connoisseurs of beauty come here for the sake of the annual carnival, which does not have a strict date, but always begins on the eve of Lent.

Rimini – moviegoers know the city as the birthplace of Federico Fellini, and for other tourists it is the most visited beach resort in Italy. In fact, the entire city is one sandy coastline of 15 kilometers, built up with hotels, shopping centers and restaurants.

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, a city of real contrasts, where modern boutiques coexist with medieval buildings. In addition, the surroundings of the city are considered perhaps the best place for a beach holiday in the entire Italian South.

The Italian Riviera is the international name for the Italian region of Liguria in the northwest of the country. It is here that the largest number of small resort towns is located, the legendary Genoa and the birthplace of the San Remo pop festival are right there.

How to Get Around Italy