How to Get Around Maldives

By plane

The only way to get Maldives is by plane. There are direct flights to the airport near the capital Male from Moscow – Transaero and Aeroflot fly there. The flight takes about 10 hours. Charters also fly from major Russian cities. Sometimes it is more profitable to fly with transfers, for example, in the Emirates or Qatar.

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If you have chosen the Maldives for your vacation, then you do not need to worry about transport – usually tourists stop on one island and travel to neighboring islands on foot or by bike. Boats with diesel engines and speedboats travel between remote atolls. Flights are mostly not regular – transport must be ordered from the hotel, but there are also permanent ferries. Air taxis fly between the most remote islands – hydroplanes and propeller planes.

Taxis can only be caught in Male and Addu Atoll. There are regular buses in the capital. There are many bike rentals on the islands. You cannot rent a car.


The national currency is the Maldivian rufiyaa, which consists of one hundred laari. Everywhere in the course of dollars, it is profitable to pay with them, so there is no need to exchange currency.

Tourism in the country is very developed so that cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants, diving centers and shops. But it’s better to have cash with you – somewhere a serious discount is given for paying, and you can’t buy souvenirs on the market with a card.

Traveler’s checks are also very common.

Cuisine and restaurants

Few people choose the Maldives for a holiday to try the local cuisine – it is rather monotonous here, although it can be interesting. It is formed under the influence of Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisine, the dishes are very spicy and salty. The main ingredient is rice, fish broth is popular. Lemon juice, coconut chili and onion are used as additives. An important role is played by fruits – mangoes, pineapples, bananas and others.

Locals eat a lot of fish, especially tuna – it is boiled, dried, smoked and fried.

Curries with fish or chicken are very popular here – this stew is called riha here. Fish snacks are also popular and are served in almost all restaurants.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the country and is served only in hotels. Locals drink mainly raa – a decoction of palm flowers. Green tea with milk and palm juice are also popular.

Among the popular dishes it is worth noting:

  • Yellow squash curry;
  • Tuna Paste – a mixture of smoked tuna, onion, coconut and chili;
  • Onion salad with chilli and lime juice;
  • “Kuli Borkiba” – a pie made from boiled fish, spices and coconut shavings;
  • Grilled Tuna Fihunu Mas;
  • Gulha and Bajiiya – fish patties stuffed with smoked tuna, chili peppers and onions;
  • Dhufun – a nutty dessert made from thin shavings of betel palm;
  • Rice pudding.

How to save

The Maldives is not suitable for a cheap holiday, but you can try to save money:

  • Flights with transfers are rarely cheaper – Aeroflot tickets are quite inexpensive, and flying is comfortable;
  • Previously, there were only expensive island hotels in the Maldives, but now guesthouses and modern hotels have appeared with quite reasonable prices for vacations from $50 per night. They are booked through booking and you can often ask for a discount of around 20% if you write to the guest directly. However, remember that a typical Maldivian holiday is only possible in expensive hotels, and in cheap ones you will not immerse yourself in the desired Maldivian atmosphere;
  • If a guest house asks you to pay for a snorkeling mask, insist that everything is given free of charge in other places – you will remove the administration;
  • It is better to eat not in hotels, but in cafes on the islands – it is inexpensive, but not varied; If you are looking for where to relax in the Maldives on a budget near Male, you can stay on the island of Villingili – with a beach and an inexpensive hotel;
  • Excursions are always cheaper if you go with a large company, so gather a group of tourists;
  • In local cafes, it is better to pay with rufiyaas, unlike hotels and shops where dollars are in use – here their exchange rate is very unfavorable;
  • Be sure to bargain in the markets – you will bring down the price of expensive souvenirs.

How to Get Around Maldives