HTC: Still Scarce Revenues Pending M10

Through its official website, HTC has published data on revenues in February 2016, going to certify, Additionally, the difficult period that is tackling the taiwanese manufacturer. Published data indicate consolidated revenues of 4.2 billion NTD (new Taiwan dollars), approximately117 million, in February 2016. The result is in decline of 35.16% compared to the results of54.48% compared to January and February 2015.

HTC Still Scarce Revenues Pending M10
Going to examine the history of recent years, This is the lowest result of the last 11 years, exceeded only by that obtained in February 2005 which you can read inside the YoY comparison of 2006. Of course, in 2005, the financial conditions, the status of the currencies and HTC’s position within the mobile market were quite different from the present ones, which is why the results of 2016 appear even more severe.HTC: Still Scarce Revenues Pending M10 1
Although the situation is far from rosy, gone are the glory days of 2011, HTC still has some cards to play to try to get back to being one of the prestigious names within this market. The reference goes to the next 10 HTC and HTC Lives, two completely different products on which the taiwanese company will go for broke.HTC: Still Scarce Revenues Pending M10 2
The failure of sales of HTC One M9 helped worsen the reputation of HTC, making it a trademark always less attractive by the consumers.
HTC 10 is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 764 euro. The value for money isdiscreet.HTC: Still Scarce Revenues Pending M10 3
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