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By | January 9, 2023

Illinois has a diverse economy. Despite an important industrialization from the late nineteenth century, it remains a large agricultural state and ranks fifth in the American states for its annual agricultural income. Long specialized in the culture of corn (Corn Belt), agriculture has experienced a diversification of its productions.

Illinois is now the first national producer of soy and the second national producer of corn. The other agricultural resources are cereals, fruits and vegetables, livestock (cattle, pigs, poultry) and floriculture. The main mineral resources are coal (Illinois-Indiana coal basin), oil, natural gas, lead and zinc. The agglomeration of Chicago, the third major metropolis in the United States after New York and Los Angeles, is the main economic and cultural center of the state. Located on Lake Michigan, it benefits from an exceptional position in contact with the industrial belt of the Northeast Etatsunien (Manufacturing Belt) and the Great Agricultural Plains. It is one of the largest of the most cereal and livestock markets in the world.

Industrial activities

Agglomeration concentrates the essential part of industrial activities: heavy industries (steel, metallurgy, shipbuilding), agri-food (canning factories, dairy products), cement factory, chemistry, printing and mechanical construction. Lake Michigan, connecting Mississippi Mississippi, is an essential axis of river navigation. Major universities include Chicago State University, DePaul University and University outside Chicago. The great tourist places are the museums of Chicago (Museum outside Contemporary Arte, Art Institute) and numerous historical sites dedicated to Abraham Lincoln.

Search for private schools in Illinois? Here is a directory of K-12 schools in the state of Illinois listed county by county. Please follow the link below to see all private K12 schools in your county of Illinois.

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Major Cities in Illinois


Chicago is a city in the United States, at the southern end of Lake Michigan. The city has about 2.9 million residents, including all suburbs about 9.7 million. In the Chicago-Milwaukee metropolitan area, about 11.1 million people live. O’Hare Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Chicago is a railroad hub, and the city has a large inland port. The city is the economic center of the “corn belt”, and has an extensive machinery industry.

In the center of town you will find an area with high-rise buildings, the Loop. Willis Tower, which until 2009 was called Sears Tower, is the tallest house with a height of 443 m.

Chicago was founded in 1804, and the city was widely known for its gangs in the 1920’s. The city has several universities.


Springfield, the city ​​and capital of the state of Illinois in the United States. It has about 112,000 residents. Abraham Lincoln is buried in the city. Springfield was founded in 1818.

Alleman Catholic High School – Rock Island

The Alleman Catholic High School is a very good private school in northwest Illinois just off the Iowa border. The school is on a very well-kept and beautiful campus. The Alleman High School offers its students a great curriculum and there are also plenty of extracurricular activities. The school offers interesting clubs such as drama, languages, homecoming, yearbook or dance and of course various sports.

The different subjects are adapted to school performance and needs, whether you choose one of the Honors courses or need additional support in a course, the teachers are always keen to support the students so that everyone can achieve their best possible goal. The school also works closely with Black Hawk College, so students can take courses at a high level.

The school is modern and open-minded, international students from different countries and faiths come together here to learn and have fun together.
There are also a few options for sports: football, baseball, cheerleading, golf – here, too, you can of course learn something new. Together, the students take part in competitions in their teams and experience the high school spirit up close. Students quickly grow together in teams, make new friends and spend a lot of time together after class.

The high school campus is located in Rock Island, a city of 38,000, Illinois in a very beautiful and good area west of Chicago. The city belongs to the so-called Quad Cities and is located directly on the Mississippi River. The Quad Cities are a union of four cities: Rock Island, Bettendorf, Davenport and Moline. So you live in a smaller city, but if you add the cities together, a total of 380,000 people live here, which already shows a little big city flair.

During the stay, our students stay with friendly and carefully selected host families, because the host family is of course the most important part of the high school stay next to the school. Our on-site supervisors make sure that the international students live in committed and nice host families and that they quickly feel comfortable away from home.

Private Schools in Illinois by County

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