Iraq Children

Do Iraqi children go to school?

In Iraq there is compulsory schooling for nine years. Children attend primary school from the age of seven and stay there for six years. This is followed by the secondary level I. Afterwards there is an upper level, after which a university can be attended. Arabic is the language that is taught in school. English is available from the age of ten.

In the Kurdish areas, the school system is a little different. The language of instruction here is Kurdish. Children learn English here from the age of six.

So much for the theory…

That all sounds good, but in reality many children drop out of school early, especially girls. And in the country, the children work early and support their families. These children often no longer attend schools at all. If many children at least go to school, often only half will be left in secondary school. Many children also have problems with their final exams because schools are often so poorly equipped. Sometimes there are no schools at all or they are converted into reception centers for refugees. Or the existing schools are simply overcrowded.

Many children in Iraq do not go to school. This means that there will be more and more adults without education. This is also a great danger because these children, or then young adults, are much more susceptible to later joining extreme groups like IS. Poverty and non-education can make people more vulnerable to extremism. And the children who were freed from the clutches of IS often experienced terrible things. They often did not receive any tuition for many years. So it is not that easy for these children to go to school as normal.


People on the run

Many children in Iraq live in refugee camps. These could be children from Iraq, who fled mainly from the Islamic State terrorist militia, or Syrian children who are seeking protection from the civil war in their country. Emergency schools are often set up in the refugee camps so that the children can experience a normal daily routine again. But this is just about emergency accommodation. Many also live in the camps that have been set up in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region in the north of the country.

What is the situation like in Iraq?

As a country located in Middle East according to themeparktour, Iraq is not a stable country. Children in particular suffer from the difficult living conditions in Iraq. One of the biggest problems facing children in Iraq is poverty. Many millions of children are affected by poverty because their parents are also poor.

The consequences of the last war are still felt today

The last war in Iraq, the effects of which can still be felt today, damaged the health of many children. Many children under the age of five die of disease or malnutrition. You don’t get enough to eat. Many children and young people experienced the war. They saw bad things that they couldn’t handle. It is then said that the children are “traumatized”.

Is there still war in Iraq today?

Although officially there is no longer any war in Iraq, terrorists continue to carry out attacks. They often look for their destinations in the middle of the city, exactly where there are many people and also many children. Eight out of 100 victims are children. Many children are also injured.

There are still many bombs that have not yet been defused or anti-personnel mines that are spread across Iraq. It is very dangerous to step on such a mine. Many children injure themselves or die.

Terrorists frighten the people of Iraq

There are still groups in Iraq fighting each other. The terrorists in particular use children as soldiers. You can “make yourself invisible” more easily and are often not noticed by the normal troops or police officers. The Islamic State in particular abuses minors for armed struggle. Children even become suicide bombers. Minority children in particular are affected here.

Many children no longer have parents

In addition, there are many children who have lost their parents in the war and are orphans. One in six Iraqi children no longer has parents.

Child labor?

Although the law officially prohibits child labor, there are still many children in Iraq who work despite the ban. They sell something on the street or they beg. Some children also have to sell drugs. Sometimes the children themselves – especially Kurdish girls – are sold.

Children in prison

Many children also commit crimes in order to survive. Then they end up in jail. These are often overcrowded and the conditions there are tough.

Iraq Children