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By | January 9, 2023

Kentucky has a diverse economy. One of the first coal producers in the country, thanks to a vast coal basin in the Appalachian border, the State can also count on other energy resources, namely natural gas, oil, lead and zinc. The State also protects the headquarters of the Fort Knox gold reserve.

Agriculture, including tobacco (second national producer), cereals, soy, potatoes, fruits and vegetables, and livestock (cattle, racehorses, pigs, poultry) are the main productions, it is particularly important in the local economy, such as forestry, more specifically in the eastern part of the state.


Industrialization and service activities have experienced rapid development since the mid-twentieth century. The industrial fabric rests today on oil refining, the tobacco industry (25 p. 100 of cigarettes in the United States) – concentrated in Louisville and Lexington -, chemistry, aluminum, agri-food, distillery (American whiskey, or bourbon, named after a state county), the wood industries, heavy metallurgy (steel industry), mechanical construction (automobile), electronics, textile (clothing), rubber and plastics. The Ohio Valley is also a major commercial waterway.

The main tourist sites in Kentucky are Mammoth Winery Citizen Park, Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site (President Lincoln’s birthplace), the Cumberland Gap and the great artificial lakes of Kentucky. The Kentucky derby, Louisville, has been a major annual equestrian event since 1875.

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Major Cities in Kentucky

Fort Knox

Fort Knox, fortress and airport near Louisville in the state of Kentucky in the United States. At Fort Knox, the United States stores a significant portion of its gold reserves.


Louisville, the largest city in the state of Kentucky in the United States. He has about 1.1 million residents with suburbs. The city is a trade and industrial center with a large tobacco industry and one of the largest tobacco markets in the world. There are also several whiskey distilleries in the city.

Louisville has had a university since 1798, and is otherwise named after Louis XVI of France.

Private Schools in Kentucky by County

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