Kim Dotcom Releases Preview of Baboom, His "Revolutionary" Digital Music Platform

In September last year, Kim Dotcom revealed that the project Megabox be called baboom and thereby confirmed its plans to launch a platform music digital “revolutionary.” Months passed, and now that almost everyone forgot the matter, it is not that the entrepreneur has released a preview of the service?

The baboom site officially went into operation on Monday (20), two years after the abrupt closure of Megaupload and, get this, exactly one year after the launch of MEGA .Coincidence, superstition or provocation?
For now, the only thing you can do there is to register your email to get on a waiting list to test the service or click on “Check the demo” to get an idea of how the baboom work.
By doing so, you will enter the profile of an artist and you can listen to your music, access your photos and videos right there or even download your album in its entirety. No wonder: the proposed baboom is not only working with a rival Spotify or Rdio, for example, but also act as a release mechanism.
The idea is that the artist can provide free music and paid, release videos of their shows or clips and perform other actions without being attached to the typical constraints of the music industry.
Curious – but not surprising, given its eccentricity – is that the artist appears in the demo is just baboom Kim Dotcom (with participation of several professional musicians, it is true, but still it). You can download songs from the album “Mega: Good Times” free in FLAC, MP3 and WAV or believe, acquire them on iTunes for $ 0.99 range.
Showing up also as a good marketeer, Kim offered $ 5000 for the creators of the best remixes of five songs and $ 10,000 for the best on the album based video clips.
Regarding the platform, it is clear that this preview is not enough to do a consistent baboom assessment, but initial impressions are very good: the interface is intuitive, the streaming of video and music took place without any problem (at least in our tests), there is interaction with social networks, anyway.
Dotcom did not specify dates, but promised to put the baboom in full operation during 2014. How could it not be, there will be service apps for the major mobile platforms.