Lebanon Children

How do children live in Lebanon?

The life of children in Lebanon depends on many things. The children in the city live very differently from the children in the country. Christian children live according to different traditions than Muslim children and it also makes a difference whether you live in the south or in the north of the country.

But in many things life is not that different from children here in Germany. Lebanese children want a cell phone, a computer and enjoy playing computer games. Some children even have a television. But here, too, it depends on whether parents allow it or not. There are also many parents in Lebanon who know that having too much electronic stuff is not good.

There are also many poor people living in Lebanon who cannot afford such a thing. Unfortunately, Lebanese children cannot play in playgrounds. They hardly exist there and playing on the street is very dangerous, at least in the city. In the country it looks different again. There is much less car traffic here. By the way, a popular game in Lebanon is football.

The war was a long time ago, but still very close

But there is one thing that makes Lebanese children very different from German children: In Lebanon, many children are afraid of war. The last one wasn’t that long ago, so many still remember it. Nobody wants war and the children often know friends, parents of friends or relatives who have lost people in the war. That is why the memory and knowledge of the war in Lebanon – even if there is peace today – is much stronger than here, where there has been no war for a long time.

And war again – refugee children from the neighboring country

Many refugees from Syria live in Lebanon, and many of them are still children. Many Syrian refugee children have to work. Often there is no other way, the parents have too little money and the families could not otherwise survive.

Lebanon has taken in more than 1.7 million refugees, with a population of around four million. Many of these refugees are still children. There are many refugee camps in Lebanon, often they just consist of simple tents. The unemployment rate for refugees is 100 percent. Refugees, war and crises are familiar terms in Lebanon.

Do all children in Lebanon go to school?

There are state schools in Lebanon, a country located in Middle East according to elaineqho, and the language of instruction here is Arabic. The French occupied Lebanon for a long time, which is why there are also French schools, where French is often taught. There are also American schools that teach mainly in English. The latter two, however, are private schools that cost money. Only people with money can afford that. Those who can send their child to a private school; everyone else goes to a state school. Then there are the schools of the different religions.

There are huge differences in Lebanon, because state schools are often much worse equipped than private ones. Therefore, the differences between the children will soon become clear. Those who attend a private school have much better chances of getting good vocational training later on. There is no compulsory schooling in Lebanon, so that some children leave school much too early.

When does school start and when does it end?

Classes start at 8 a.m. and school ends at 2 p.m., sometimes at 4 p.m. As with us, some children take the bus or are brought by their parents. Those who travel by bus take a special school bus. The children usually don’t use public buses and there are no trams.

As in many hot European countries, the summer holidays are quite long and last more than two months. Then there are the Christmas holidays, the Easter holidays and many holidays, Christian and Muslim. In contrast to the German children, the children also have to do their homework during the holidays so that they do not forget everything again.

What is the children’s favorite dish? Pizza!

Incidentally, people in Lebanon like to eat pizza. However, the pizza there is not as big as the Italian pizza you may know, but a lot smaller. Her name is Man`uusche in Lebanon. Children in Lebanon also love french fries. These are then created from particularly large potatoes that grow there.

As a main course, people like to eat meat skewers, with french fries. If meat is eaten, it is beef or chicken. Lamb is mostly reserved for holidays because it costs more. Pork is never on the table and even Christian families hardly eat pork in Lebanon, simply because it spoils faster. In earlier times there were no refrigerators and even today not everyone in the country has a refrigerator. So this very sensible eating rule has been preserved to this day.

Lebanon Children