Nebraska Private Schools by County

By | January 9, 2023

Nebraska has a diverse economy. Traditionally agricultural, the primary sector still represents 26% of the active population.

Main agricultural resources are livestock (70 p. 100 of agricultural income), cereals (corn, wheat, oats), soybeans, fodder plants and sugar beet. Nebraska also ranks among the top three American states for cattle breeding. Great culture dominates in the east, while western regions are the domain of extensive cattle and sheep farming. However, there was a significant increase in cultivated areas. The subsoil hides oil and natural gas.


The main industrial sectors are agri-food (butchery), light metallurgy, chemistry, electronics and industrial mechanics. The Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, the extremely military museum of Robinson, the home of Buffalo Bill, the Pony Express Station, in Gothenburg, and the historic park of Fort Kearny are the main tourist advantages of this state, much less known than its neighbor , Wyoming.

Search for private schools in Nebraska? Here is a directory of K-12 schools in the state of Nebraska listed county by county. Please follow the link below to see all private K12 schools in your county of Nebraska.

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Major Cities in Nebraska


Lincoln, city ​​and capital of the state of Nebraska in the United States. It has about 238,000 residents. The town is an important trading town for grain and cattle, and there are also many slaughterhouses in the town. In addition, he is a transport center. Lincoln has had a university since 1869.


Omaha, a city ​​in the state of Nebraska in the United States with about 736,000 residents with the suburbs. He is a center for grain and cattle trade in addition to having an oil refinery and metal industry. The city has, among other things, two universities and the headquarters of the US Strategic Air Command. The area belonged to the Omaha Indians until 1854. Since 1857, it has had our town there.

Private Schools in Nebraska by County

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