New Hampshire Private Schools by County

By | January 9, 2023

New Hampshire has a diversified economy: the main agricultural resources are arboriculture (apples), forage plants, crops crops under greenhouses including potatoes, and livestock (cattle, poultry and pigs).


Forestry is also very active. Industrial fishing mainly produced from crustaceans (lobsters and shrimp) and around sea fish (tuna, cod and yellow lieus).

– Industrial mechanics, precision mechanics, agri-food (dairy products), electronics, wood-based industries, the leather industry, textiles and clothing are the State’s industrial resources.

– the tertiary sector is supported, in particular, by a tourist activity in which the great forest of the White Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee are the main advantages.

Search for private schools in New Hampshire? Here is a directory of K-12 schools in the state of New Hampshire listed county by county. Please follow the link below to see all private K12 schools in your county of New Hampshire.

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Major Cities in New Hampshire


Concord, city ​​and capital of the state of New Hampshire in the United States. It has about 42,300 residents and is located on the Merrimack River northwest of Boston. The town was founded in 1727. Granite production and the graphic industry are important industries in Concord.

St. Thomas Aquinas High School – Dover

St. Thomas Aquinas High School is located in the state of New Hampshire, one of the New England states of the USA, and thus directly on the east coast. The historic town of Dover offers everything you can expect from the New England countryside – water sports are just as possible here as winter sports a little further inland. You can experience the famous Indian Summer in all its glory. The school and host families are in a safe and residential area yet within easy reach of Boston, Massachusetts.

St. Thomas Aquinas is an open-minded, denominational private school that is small enough to take care of the youngsters individually and large enough to offer a great selection of courses, clubs and sports facilities.

And here international students can also actively participate in their desired sport. It is even desired that students participate in the activities and clubs, sports and also in the community service. But don’t worry, theology is a compulsory subject here, but the school doors are open to all faiths and religions and students of all nations are welcome here.

Another highlight at St. Thomas is the very low proportion of international students, because it is currently less than 1%. St. Thomas is a real American high school and the American Way of Life will get you carried away quickly by the nice supervisors, teachers and classmates.

Our students receive very special support, because a team of employees on site is responsible for handling, host family accommodation and support. This ensures that the young people feel comfortable and have a good time. We get reports on the progress of the students, there are numerous extracurricular activities and trips. You want the youngsters to gain the greatest possible benefit from school, culture and the environment during their stay.

During the stay, the young people stay with friendly host families, the selection is made directly by the school, which means that the families are selected very carefully, because the well-being of their students is very important to the employees, the host families are the school all known. The youngsters should not lack anything far from home. School starts with a thorough on-site introduction and numerous excursions and activities are offered to all international students throughout the year.

Private Schools in New Hampshire by County

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