North Carolina Person County Private Schools

By | January 9, 2023

Are you looking for K12 schools which are private in Person County? Check here to find an alphabetical list of all K-12 private schools in Person County, North Carolina. Also provided are formal school name, mailing address, contact phone number and available grades for each school.
Street Address: Po Box 1201, Roxboro, NC 27573
Telephone: (336) 599-2150 Person 17
Grades: KG-10

Street Address: 2850 Virgilina Rd, Roxboro, NC 27574
Telephone: (336) 503-0057 Person 25 2-12

North Carolina Person County

Person County, nestled in the northern part of North Carolina, is characterized by its scenic beauty, strong sense of community, and dedication to education. The county seat is Roxboro, and as of the last available data, Person County had a population of approximately 39,000 people. Let’s delve into the county’s geography, economy, public education system, private schools, higher education, and cultural offerings.

Geography and Economy: Person County spans an area of around 404 square miles, boasting a diverse landscape that includes rolling hills, forests, and picturesque lakes. The Hyco and Mayo Reservoirs contribute to the county’s natural beauty and provide recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

Agriculture has played a historically significant role in Person County’s economy. Tobacco, livestock, and crops such as soybeans and corn have been staples of the local agriculture industry. Over the years, the county has experienced economic diversification, with manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors contributing to its economic vitality.

Education: Education is a priority in Person County, with a commitment to providing quality learning experiences for students of all ages. The Person County School System oversees the public education institutions in the area, and the county is also home to private schools that offer alternative educational options.

Public Schools: The Person County School System comprises a network of public schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools. These institutions are dedicated to fostering academic excellence, nurturing creativity, and preparing students for success in both higher education and the workforce.

Roxboro Community School (RCS): Roxboro Community School (RCS) is a public charter school serving students in grades K-12. The school emphasizes academic achievement, character development, and community engagement. RCS offers a range of extracurricular activities and advanced placement courses to cater to diverse student interests and academic needs.

Private Schools: In addition to public education, Person County is home to private schools that provide alternative educational choices. These institutions often offer smaller class sizes, specialized programs, and a unique approach to teaching and learning.

Person Christian School: Person Christian School is a private Christian school in Roxboro, offering education from kindergarten through 12th grade. The school combines academic instruction with a Christian worldview, emphasizing character development and spiritual growth. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention, and the school’s curriculum includes a mix of core subjects and enrichment activities.

Bethel Hill Charter School: Bethel Hill Charter School is another educational option in Person County, serving students in kindergarten through 8th grade. As a charter school, Bethel Hill emphasizes innovation and flexibility in its educational approach. The school focuses on creating a supportive learning environment that fosters both academic success and personal development.

Higher Education: While Person County itself does not host a university, residents have access to higher education opportunities in nearby areas. Numerous universities and community colleges in North Carolina provide a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Duke University: Located in nearby Durham, Duke University is a prestigious private research university known for its strong academic programs and medical school. Duke offers a diverse range of disciplines, and its proximity allows residents of Person County to access higher education opportunities at a world-class institution.

Piedmont Community College: Piedmont Community College, with campuses in neighboring counties including Person County, provides accessible higher education options. The college offers associate degree programs, technical training, and continuing education courses, contributing to workforce development in the region.

Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: Person County offers a range of cultural and recreational activities, providing residents with opportunities to engage in community events and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Mayo Lake Park: Mayo Lake Park, located in Person County, is a popular destination for outdoor recreation. The park features hiking trails, picnic areas, and water activities, allowing residents to connect with nature and enjoy leisure time with family and friends.

Person County Public Library: The Person County Public Library serves as a hub for learning and community engagement. In addition to a vast collection of books, the library offers educational programs, events, and resources for residents of all ages.

Conclusion: Person County, North Carolina, is a picturesque and tight-knit community that values education, natural beauty, and cultural enrichment. With a diverse economy, a commitment to quality education through both public and private institutions, and a range of cultural and recreational offerings, Person County provides a welcoming and fulfilling environment for its residents. The county’s emphasis on education, combined with its scenic landscapes and community spirit, makes it a unique and desirable place to call home.