Ohio Columbiana County Private Schools

By | January 9, 2023

Are you looking for K12 schools which are private in Columbiana County? Check here to find an alphabetical list of all K-12 private schools in Columbiana County, Ohio. Also provided are formal school name, mailing address, contact phone number and available grades for each school.

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Po Box 319, Rogers, OH 44455
Telephone: (330) 227-9550 Columbiana 15 7-12

Street Address: 46682 Florence St, East Liverpool, OH 43920
Telephone: (330) 385-5588 Columbiana 165
Grades: PK-12

Street Address: 28 Pittsburgh St, Columbiana, OH 44408
Telephone: (330) 482-2331 Columbiana 321
Grades: PK-12

Street Address: Po Box 87, Lisbon, OH 44432
Telephone: (330) 424-5695 Columbiana 26
Grades: PK-KG

Street Address: 1095 New Garden Ave, Salem, OH 44460
Telephone: (330) 332-4819 Columbiana 63
Grades: PK-12

Street Address: 335 W 5th St, East Liverpool, OH 43920
Telephone: (330) 385-5963 Columbiana 131
Grades: PK-8

Street Address: 925 E State St, Salem, OH 44460
Telephone: (330) 337-3451 Columbiana 156
Grades: PK-6

Ohio Columbiana County

Columbiana County, Ohio: A Comprehensive Overview

Columbiana County, located in eastern Ohio, is a region characterized by its diverse landscapes, historic significance, and dedication to education. This comprehensive overview explores various aspects of Columbiana County, including its geography, demographics, economy, cultural attractions, public education system, and the presence of private schools.

Geography and Demographics:

Columbiana County covers an area of approximately 532 square miles and is known for its varied topography, including rolling hills, rivers, and fertile valleys. The county seat is Lisbon, a town with a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. The landscape features a mix of rural areas, small towns, and natural beauty.

As of the latest available data, Columbiana County has a diverse population with a mix of urban and rural lifestyles. The demographics reflect a community with a connection to agriculture, small businesses, and a sense of local identity.


Columbiana County’s economy is historically tied to agriculture, manufacturing, and small businesses.

  1. Agriculture: Agriculture plays a significant role in Columbiana County’s economy. The fertile soil supports the cultivation of crops such as corn, soybeans, and dairy farming. The county’s agricultural activities contribute to the local economy and preserve its rural character.
  2. Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector has been a crucial contributor to Columbiana County’s economy. Various industrial facilities produce goods ranging from ceramics and glassware to steel products. Manufacturing provides employment opportunities and contributes to economic stability.
  3. Tourism: The county’s historical sites, natural attractions, and outdoor activities attract visitors. The historic charm of towns like Lisbon and the recreational opportunities provided by parks and rivers contribute to the tourism sector.

Education System:

Public Schools: Columbiana County is served by several public school districts, each committed to providing a quality education to its students. The major school districts in the county include Salem City Schools, Columbiana Exempted Village Schools, and Beaver Local School District.

These public school districts offer comprehensive education from preschool through high school, emphasizing academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and community engagement. Columbiana County’s public schools cater to a diverse student population and aim to prepare students for success in higher education or the workforce.

Higher Education: Columbiana County does not have a large university within its borders, but residents have access to higher education institutions in neighboring areas. Kent State University at Salem and Eastern Gateway Community College are examples of institutions that offer programs and opportunities for local residents.

Cultural Attractions:

Columbiana County boasts a rich cultural scene, with numerous attractions celebrating its history, arts, and recreational opportunities. Some notable cultural highlights include:

  1. The Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail: This scenic trail provides outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore nature along the Little Beaver Creek. It offers hiking, biking, and bird-watching, contributing to the county’s recreational offerings.
  2. The Salem Historical Society: Located in Salem, this historical society preserves and showcases the history of the region. The society operates several historic buildings and museums, providing educational resources and community events.
  3. Firestone Farms: This historic farmstead in Columbiana has been transformed into a mixed-use development with shops, restaurants, and events. Firestone Farms combines historical preservation with modern amenities, attracting locals and visitors alike.

Private Schools:

Columbiana County is home to several private schools that offer alternative choices for families seeking different educational approaches. These private institutions often provide smaller class sizes, specialized programs, and a focus on individualized learning. Some notable private schools in Columbiana County include:

  1. Heartland Christian School (Columbiana): A private Christian school serving students from preschool through high school, Heartland Christian School emphasizes academic excellence and spiritual development.
  2. St. Paul School (Salem): A private Catholic school providing education from kindergarten through eighth grade, St. Paul School focuses on a holistic approach to education, incorporating faith-based values.
  3. Lisbon David Anderson Jr/Sr High School (Lisbon): While primarily a public school, Lisbon David Anderson also offers a community-based online learning academy, providing students with alternative educational options.


Columbiana County, Ohio, stands as a community that values its agricultural heritage, historical significance, and commitment to education. The public school districts, higher education opportunities, cultural attractions, and the presence of private schools contribute to the county’s dynamic and close-knit character. As Columbiana County continues to embrace its rural identity, adapt to economic changes, and support educational initiatives, it remains a unique and welcoming part of eastern Ohio.