Oklahoma Pittsburg County Private Schools

By | January 9, 2023

Are you looking for K12 schools which are private in Pittsburg County? Check here to find an alphabetical list of all K-12 private schools in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Also provided are formal school name, mailing address, contact phone number and available grades for each school.

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Street Address: 840 S George Nigh Expy, Mcalester, OK 74501
Telephone: (918) 426-2000 Pittsburg 294
Grades: PK-12

Street Address: Po Box 1004, Mcalester, OK 74501
Telephone: (918) 423-4743 Pittsburg 60
Grades: PK-12

Oklahoma Pittsburg County

Pittsburg County, located in southeastern Oklahoma, is a region characterized by its diverse geography, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance. Established on July 16, 1907, the county is named after Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburg County has played a crucial role in the state’s development, particularly in the areas of coal mining and Native American history. With a population of approximately 43,000 residents, the county is known for its scenic landscapes, vibrant communities, and educational opportunities.

Geography and Demographics:

Encompassing approximately 1,378 square miles, Pittsburg County is situated in the southeastern part of Oklahoma. The county seat is McAlester, one of the larger cities in the region. The diverse geography includes rolling hills, forests, and bodies of water, contributing to the county’s natural beauty.

As of the most recent census data, Pittsburg County has a population that reflects a mix of urban and rural communities, creating a dynamic and varied living environment.

Economy and Industries:

Pittsburg County has a historical connection to coal mining, which has significantly influenced its economy. Over the years, the county has seen diversification into other industries.

1. Coal Mining:

Historically, coal mining has been a major economic driver in Pittsburg County. The region’s coal mines have contributed significantly to the state’s energy production.

2. Manufacturing:

Manufacturing plays a role in Pittsburg County’s economy, with companies involved in the production of goods such as machinery, food products, and textiles.

3. Healthcare and Services:

The healthcare and services sector is vital to the county’s economy. McAlester serves as a regional healthcare hub, providing medical services to residents and neighboring communities.

Education System:

Public Schools:

Pittsburg County’s public education system is served by several school districts, with McAlester Public Schools being the largest. These districts provide education from elementary through high school.

  1. McAlester Public Schools: McAlester Public Schools is the primary school district in the county, serving students within the city of McAlester. The district includes multiple elementary, middle, and high schools, offering a diverse range of academic and extracurricular programs.

Higher Education:

While Pittsburg County doesn’t host its own universities, it is in proximity to higher education institutions in neighboring areas.

  1. Eastern Oklahoma State College (EOSC): Eastern Oklahoma State College, located in Wilburton (in neighboring Latimer County), is a community college serving students from the region. The college offers associate degree programs and serves as an accessible option for higher education.

Private Schools:

Private school options in Pittsburg County may be limited, and families seeking private education may explore nearby options in larger towns or cities.

Cultural and Recreational Opportunities:

Pittsburg County offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities that showcase its history and natural attractions.

1. Krebs Heritage Museum:

The Krebs Heritage Museum, located in Krebs, highlights the history of the region, including its coal mining heritage and the cultural contributions of immigrant communities. The museum preserves artifacts and documents that tell the story of Pittsburg County.

2. Robbers Cave State Park:

Robbers Cave State Park, located in the northern part of the county, is a popular outdoor destination. The park features rugged terrain, caves, and scenic trails, providing opportunities for hiking, camping, and nature exploration.

3. Choctaw Nation Cultural Center:

The Choctaw Nation Cultural Center, situated in Durant (in neighboring Bryan County), celebrates the history and culture of the Choctaw Nation, which has a significant presence in southeastern Oklahoma.

Community Engagement:

Community engagement is a vital aspect of life in Pittsburg County, with residents participating in various initiatives and organizations.

1. Chambers of Commerce:

Local chambers of commerce, including the McAlester Chamber of Commerce, play a crucial role in supporting local businesses, promoting economic development, and fostering community connections.

2. Historical Societies:

Historical societies and organizations contribute to the preservation of Pittsburg County’s rich history. They organize events, maintain historical sites, and work to educate the community about the region’s past.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Pittsburg County faces both challenges and opportunities as it navigates economic changes, educational needs, and community development.

1. Economic Transition:

As the coal mining industry has faced challenges, Pittsburg County has an opportunity to explore and embrace economic diversification. Support for emerging industries, small businesses, and tourism can contribute to a more resilient economy.

2. Education Access:

Ensuring access to quality education for all students, including those in rural areas, is a priority. Pittsburg County may explore initiatives to enhance educational resources, provide vocational training, and address the unique needs of students.

3. Cultural Preservation:

Preserving the cultural heritage of Pittsburg County, including its Native American history and immigrant communities, is crucial. Continued support for cultural institutions and events contributes to heritage preservation.

4. Outdoor Recreation Development:

Capitalizing on the natural beauty of the region, Pittsburg County can explore opportunities for outdoor recreation development. Enhancing parks, trails, and recreational facilities can attract visitors and contribute to the well-being of residents.

In conclusion, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, stands as a community with a rich history, natural beauty, and a commitment to community engagement. From the historical sites in McAlester to the outdoor wonders of Robbers Cave State Park, the county offers residents a blend of tradition and opportunities for exploration. The public education system, cultural attractions, and community involvement contribute to the overall fabric of a county that values its heritage while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the future.