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By | January 9, 2023

Traditionally dominated by agriculture and mining, Oklahoma’s economy diversified during the 1980-1990s, with the rapid development of services and industries.

Oklahoma ranks among the first national producers of mineral wealth – oil (3rd row), natural gas, metallic ores (lead and zinc) – also has an important primary sector, which has largely benefited from protection measures against erosion and irrigation put in place in the western part of the state. Wheat (3rd national producer), cotton, oats, sorghum, corn, peanuts, soy, fruits and vegetables and cattle raising (embouche) are the main agricultural resources and activities.


The industries derive essentially from the treatment and transformation of the first mineral and agricultural materials; agri-food (meat and milling), oil refining, petrochemicals, metallurgy, the glass industry, industrial mechanics and electronics are the essentials of the state’s industrial fabric.

The weakness of oil and natural gas prices, however, caused the Oklahoma economy to decline at the height of the 1980-1990s. The tourist sites of the State commemorate for the most part the heritage of the American West at the time of the pioneers: Indian City the USA – set of typical villages of the tribes of the Meadows -, military reserve of Fort Sill, built in 1869.

Search for private schools in Oklahoma? Here is a directory of K-12 schools in the state of Oklahoma listed county by county. Please follow the link below to see all private K12 schools in your county of Oklahoma.

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Major Cities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, the city and capital of the state of Oklahoma in the United States with about 530,000 residents, or about 1.1 million in the metropolitan area. It was founded in 1889, when more than 10,000 settlers settled in the area.

The city is a hub for transport, and has several large slaughterhouses, steel mills and other industries. Furthermore, he is a center for the aviation industry and the air force (Tinker Air Force Base).

In April 1995, a federal office building was completely destroyed in a terrorist attack. 168 died, and more than 500 were wounded. Timothy J. McVeigh was found guilty of the attack and executed in 2001.


Tulsa, a city ​​in the state of Oklahoma in the USA with about 828,000 residents, including the suburbs. It is located on the Arkansas River in one of the richest oil districts in the United States. Many oil companies succeed in the city, and the aerospace industry is an important industry. Tulsa also has several universities.

Private Schools in Oklahoma by County

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