Oregon Lincoln County Private Schools

By | January 9, 2023

Are you looking for K12 schools which are private in Lincoln County? Check here to find an alphabetical list of all K-12 private schools in Lincoln County, Oregon. Also provided are formal school name, mailing address, contact phone number and available grades for each school.

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Street Address: 1154 NW A St, Toledo, OR 97391
Telephone: (541) 336-2339 Lincoln 26
Grades: KG-11

Street Address: 2126 NE Surf Ave, Lincoln City, OR 97367
Telephone: (541) 994-5181 Lincoln 101 1-12

Street Address: Po Box 1408, Toledo, OR 97391
Telephone: (541) 336-2234 Lincoln 35
Grades: KG-11

3367 NE Big Creek Rd, Newport, OR 97365
Telephone: (541) 265-3572 Lincoln 41
Grades: PK-3

Oregon Lincoln County

Lincoln County, situated along the picturesque Oregon coast, is a region known for its stunning natural landscapes, vibrant coastal communities, and a rich maritime heritage. Encompassing approximately 995 square miles, the county boasts a diverse environment that includes coastal beaches, dense forests, and charming towns. With Newport as the county seat, Lincoln County offers residents and visitors a unique blend of coastal living, outdoor recreation, and cultural experiences.

Geography and Demographics:

Lincoln County’s geography is defined by its extensive coastline along the Pacific Ocean, including iconic landmarks such as Yaquina Head and Devil’s Punchbowl. Inland, the county features lush forests and rivers, contributing to its natural beauty. As of the latest available data, Lincoln County has a population of around 50,000 residents. The demographics reflect a mix of coastal and inland communities, with a strong emphasis on marine-related industries.

Economy and Industry:

The economy of Lincoln County is closely tied to its coastal location. Fishing and seafood processing play a significant role, with the county known for its commercial fishing activities, including Dungeness crab, salmon, and albacore tuna. Tourism is another important economic driver, with visitors drawn to the county’s scenic coastline, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions.

In addition to maritime activities, Lincoln County has a growing arts and culture sector, including galleries, studios, and events that showcase the talents of local artists. The county is also home to Oregon Coast Community College, contributing to educational and cultural opportunities.

Education System:

Public Schools:

Lincoln County is served by public school districts such as Lincoln County School District, which operates schools in communities including Newport, Lincoln City, and Waldport. Public schools in Lincoln County offer a range of educational programs, reflecting the diverse needs of students in both coastal and inland areas. The unique maritime environment may influence educational initiatives, with a focus on marine science and coastal ecology.

Private Schools:

While public education is the primary focus in Lincoln County, there may be private schools in the region offering alternative educational options. Private institutions may provide smaller class sizes, specialized curricula, and unique educational approaches, contributing to the diversity of educational choices available to families.

Higher Education:

Lincoln County is home to Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC), which has a central campus in Newport. OCCC provides a variety of associate degree and certificate programs, with a focus on marine science, natural resources, and liberal arts. The college plays a vital role in providing accessible higher education opportunities to residents along the Oregon coast.

Cultural and Recreational Attractions:

Lincoln County boasts a variety of cultural and recreational attractions that showcase its coastal beauty and maritime heritage. The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport is a popular destination, offering exhibits that highlight the region’s marine life and ecosystems. The Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area features a historic lighthouse and stunning coastal vistas.

Newport’s historic Bayfront district is a hub for seafood dining, shopping, and entertainment. The Hatfield Marine Science Center, affiliated with Oregon State University, contributes to marine research and education. The county’s many parks and beaches provide opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking, tidepooling, and whale watching.

Community Engagement and Challenges:

Lincoln County residents actively engage in community initiatives, reflecting a strong connection to the natural environment and a commitment to preserving the region’s coastal resources. Challenges faced by the county may include issues related to coastal erosion, marine conservation, and sustainable economic development.

Efforts led by community organizations, local government, and residents focus on addressing these challenges. Conservation initiatives, educational programs, and community events contribute to the overall well-being of the county.

Economic Development and Tourism:

Lincoln County actively promotes economic development and tourism, recognizing the importance of both commercial and recreational activities along the coast. The county’s seafood industry, including fishing and processing, supports local economies and attracts visitors interested in fresh, local seafood.

Tourism plays a significant role, with visitors drawn to the county’s scenic beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and cultural events. Festivals, art shows, and marine-related activities contribute to the tourism appeal of coastal communities.


Lincoln County, Oregon, stands as a unique and vibrant coastal region with a strong connection to the Pacific Ocean. Its educational institutions, cultural attractions, and economic initiatives contribute to a distinct quality of life for residents. As the county navigates the challenges and opportunities associated with coastal living, its residents, businesses, and community organizations work together to ensure a future that honors its maritime heritage while promoting sustainability and community well-being. Lincoln County’s mix of coastal landscapes, marine science initiatives, and cultural richness positions it as an inviting and dynamic part of the Oregon coast, welcoming both residents and visitors to experience its diverse offerings.