Overview: Sales Drawers at Apple, Microsoft and Sony, LG G5 to Test

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was
Several mobile companies’ accounts published this week and the trend was boring for many by established companies such as Apple, Sony and Microsoft. A downturn in the market and increased Chinese competition puts deep tracks in the managed sales figures.
Apple’s revenue falls for the first time in 13 years
So went the no longer. Apple has presented accounts of the year 1. quarter, and for the first time in 13 years, there has been a decrease in revenue.
Microsoft’s sale of Lumia-smartphones are in freefall
It goes so the wrong way for Microsoft’s sale of Lumia-smartphones. In 1. quarter shall be a marked decline compared to the same period the year before.

Shocking sales: Sony on disaster course
Sony’s mobile Department crash bleed. Latest quarterly result reporting a decline of 57 percent in units sold.
The Danes are buying fewer smartphones than before
Ever-better smartphones reduces buy desire with the Danish smartphone buyers.
While it goes bad for mobile manufacturers, offers app developers ever-better features for all smartphones. Dropbox, Google and Payment service is all ready with exciting features.
Dropbox introduces the brilliant way to synchronize files on
Dropbox annnoncerer new, smart way to synchronize and work with larger amounts of files than your computer’s hard drive can accommodate.
Exchange accounts in Gmail now works on all Android phones
An update rolls out to the Gmail app for Android with official support of Microsoft Exchange accounts for synchronization of e-mails and calendar appointments.
Get a handle on the Bills with new payment service-app
With a new payment service-app from Nets, you can get a full view of all your payments, your finances and easily create new appointments from the new bills.
The rumor mill spinning undaunted this week, with news about the upcoming iPhone 7, OnePlus 3 as well as the new Nexus phones from HTC.
Drawing confirms dual-camera and no jack plug in iPhone 7 Plus
A schematic drawing of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus-or possibly the iPhone Pro-confirms that the two cameras on the back and get to the jack disappears.
Two Nexus-smartphones from HTC on the road: Nexus M1 and S1
Everything points to the fact that HTC will make Google’s next two Nexus-smartphones-now under the two aliases S1 (Sailfish) and M1 (Marlin).
Speed test reveals: OnePlus 3 get 6 GB of RAM
OnePlus stands soon for the launch of its third top model, OnePlus 3. Now reveals two speed tests, that there will be a variant with both 4 and 6 GB of RAM.

The week’s testing and reviews

LG G5-full of good ideas [TEST]
LG’s latest G5-flagship is a true multi artist of a smartphone-unfortunately, the performance is not at the very top.