Pioneer Shows Zypr, Siri Competitor That Goes Beyond Smartphones

Known mainly because of their electronics for the automotive market, Pioneer announced this week the availability of API Zypr, which is defined as a service “multi voice enabled platform based on cloud activation web services across multiple devices.”Translating in a nutshell, it is a competitor to Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple that so far only shows up officially on the iPhone 4S.

Billed as “a standardized and stable method of voice recognition,” its creators promise that the operation of the program should be the same on any device in which it is running, be it a smartphone, tablet, computer, automotive sound systems or even web applications.
Able to aggregate APIs from other services, Zypr will also categorize their functions and display their results. For example, the program will recognize that commands related to searches are sent to Google, social networking commands indicate Facebook and commands relating to purchases fall to the Amazon. And like his fruitful side of the competitor’s strength, all your actions and results will happen within the program, in a standardized interface.
Interested, for now the Zypr is still developing and so far only had her released code for free for developers to use where well imagine. It is unclear how it will be his fluency in languages ​​other than English, then the rest of the world does not speak that language will have to hold a little tempers.