Regions and Resorts of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is officially divided into 7 large regions, approximately the same in size. Each area necessarily captures a piece of the coast, so they all have beaches.

Gagra district

This area is located on the border with Russia, and Gagra, the warmest beach in the Caucasus, attracts the most tourists. The Gargsky district is well developed in terms of infrastructure, has many attractions, as well as the best hippodrome in Abkhazia.

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Gudauta region

There are several large beach areas here – Gudauta, New Athos, Musser, as well as several interesting sights.

Sukhumi district

Here is Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia, and many health resorts where pulmonary diseases are treated, as well as archaeological sites.

Gulripsh district

Tourists love this area for lakes, sandy beaches and citrus trees, as well as various sanatoriums and health resorts. An ideal vacation spot for pensioners or families with children – only cozy beaches and no clubs or bars. But there are many interesting sights.

Ochamchira district

An area with an underdeveloped tourist infrastructure, but interesting sights and a rich history.

Tkuarchal district

It has a capital not on the coast, but in the mountains. Tourism is very poorly developed, but there are thermal springs that help with diseases of the peripheral nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

Gal region

This area is located near the border with Georgia. There are no entertainment and hotels, but there is medieval architecture and very atmospheric villages. All in all, worth a visit for sightseeing.

Climate of Abkhazia

The climate of Abkhazia is subtropical humid, but due to the relief, a strong variation in temperatures is possible. The swimming season starts in mid-May and ends in October, it is best to relax in mid-summer and early autumn. In September, there is no scorching sun here, which allows you to relax in comfort. The warmest water is in Gagra.

The table presents average data for the entire region, so the temperature in Gagra is lower here than in some other regions, but it is on the sea coast and on the beaches that it is really the warmest.

Visa and customs

To visit Abkhazia, citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa or a foreign passport – you can travel on an internal passport, and no marks are put on it. The only drawback is the very slow customs clearance. Customs rules are generally standard, you can read them in more detail at the link.

Beaches of Abkhazia

There are few vacationers on the beaches of Abkhazia even in summer, which allows you to keep them clean. Usually the beaches are sandy and pebbly, although exceptionally sandy ones are rare.

Sukhumi beaches

The main one is the two-kilometer Central Beach next to the Sukhumi Fortress. In some places it has a width of 50 meters. The coating is pebbly, the infrastructure is poorly developed, although there are rental stations and attractions. Changing rooms and showers are often chargeable. You can also note the beaches stretching from the sanatoriums of the MVO and the Strategic Missile Forces, but you will have to pay for the entrance to them. More developed is the Sinop beach, two kilometers long, with a nudist area and a wide variety of eateries and cafes.

The beaches of Pitsunda

Here it is worth noting the beaches in the village of Ldzaa and in the area of Pitsundsky Cape with very clear water and good protection from strong winds. In addition, the beaches are framed by a beautiful Pitsunda pine. At a distance of 6 kilometers from Pitsunda, the Rybzavod has a sandy beach.

The beaches of Gagra

The coastline of Gagra is 56 kilometers long. Conventionally, it is divided into beaches in the Old part of the city and beaches in the New part of the city. The latter are more popular with tourists, with good equipment and infrastructure – there is even a water park here. The cover is finely rounded pebbles. There are fewer people on the old beaches, but the infrastructure is worse, and pebbles are found both small and large. The sanatorium “Solnechny” has a paid sand and pebble beach. You can also note two private beaches – at the Energetik boarding house and at the Military sanatorium.

The beaches of New Athos

Local beaches are almost not equipped, but the water is clean and the place is ideal for solitude. More convenient are the private beaches of the Mandarin boarding house and the Velvet Season guest house, or at the Ruchey and By the Sea hotels. An attractive feature of such beaches is the gradual slope of the bottom, which is very convenient for families with children.

Regions and Resorts of Abkhazia