Rhode Island Private Schools by County

By | January 9, 2023

Mineral and agricultural resources (greenhouse crops, breeding, nursery) are of little importance. Deep-sea and coastal fishing remains active.


Industry (metallurgy, agri-food, textile, electronics, chemistry, mechanics) and tertiary activities (commerce, banks, tourism) are highly developed. The state has seaside resorts and historical monuments (Friends Meetinghouse, 1699; Touro Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the United States, built in 1763; The Breakers, a rich specific hotel built in 1895).

Search for private schools in Rhode Island? Here is a directory of K-12 schools in the state of Rhode Island listed county by county. Please follow the link below to see all private K12 schools in your county of Rhode Island.

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Major Cities in Rhode Island


Providence, city ​​and capital of the state of Rhode Island in the United States with about 179,000 residents. With Pawtucket and Warwick metropolitan areas, it has about 1.2 million residents. It is a trading and industrial city which, among other things, houses Brown University, which was founded in 1764. The city itself was founded in 1636.

Private Schools in Rhode Island by County

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