Salou, Spain

By | February 2, 2023

Salou is called the most Russian resort in Spain. It is no coincidence that the city is recognized as one of the best shopping and gastronomic centers of the Costa Dorada. From May to mid-October, life on the coast does not stop: there are thousands of tourists on the streets, the clink of glasses with sangria is heard everywhere, the aroma of paella is heard everywhere. Check TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA.COM to learn more about Spain.

The main contingent of vacationers are couples with children and young people. For leisurely walks, tourists choose King Jaime I Boulevard. Salou’s main youth entertainment is the PortAventura amusement park, famous for its steep slides and water park. Traditionally, in mid-August, the Golden Nights are celebrated at the resort: the townspeople and tourists choose the most beautiful couple, arrange large-scale street performances and fireworks shows. At the beginning of September, the feast of King Jaime I, who conquered Mallorca, falls. Local residents go to a costume procession, a regatta is held along the route of the monarch.

Communication and Wi-Fi

In hotels, cafes and on the promenade, you can use the free Wi-Fi network. However, the connection speed leaves much to be desired, and while walking, most travelers want to share photos on social networks. Therefore, it is better to spend some money and buy a local SIM card. At the store, do not forget to specify that you need a tariff for tourists, such as Lebara or Orange go. Standard packages include 1 GB of internet traffic, 60 minutes of local and international calls. It turns out cheaper than connecting roaming to a Russian number.

Salou beaches

All the beaches of Salou are marked with the UNESCO Blue Flag: they are recognized as an ecologically clean area. There are no jellyfish in the water, the sandy bottom is clean and even. Lifeguards are on duty everywhere. Entrance to the territory is free, for 10 EUR you can rent a sun lounger and an umbrella.

The main city beach “Levante” stretches along King Jaime I Boulevard: its length exceeds 1200 m. You can rent diving equipment, but there is no living creature or vegetation on the seabed. Along the coast is one of the most visited amusement parks Port Aventura.

The Playa Ponente beach is not much inferior to the Levante in size, but there are fewer visitors. Locals traditionally call it female: at the beginning of the last century it was considered bad form to swim in the same places for the fair sex and men, and the first chose this place.

Chaplain Bay is surrounded by cliffs to the east and west. To get from the sandy shore back to the city, you need to overcome a steep winding staircase, so many tourists prefer to bypass this beach.

Cala Cranx is the easternmost in Salou, there are also few visitors, suitable for families. The infrastructure is developed a little worse: only a catamaran is available from entertainment.

The Liarga beach is considered the most beautiful in Salou: it is surrounded by a small pine forest where storks live. Carnivals and sports competitions are often held here. The far edge of the coastal zone was chosen by nudists.

What to bring

Salou does not have the abundance of shopping centers as in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona or Reus, but you can buy cute souvenirs in small shops, and fresh products from street vendors.

Once a week on the central streets of the resorts there are “mercadillos” – open-air markets characteristic of the Mediterranean coast.

The most popular among tourists street bazaar “Bonavista” is located in the suburb of Tarragona of the same name. Everything is here: from groceries to jewelry and even animals. It works every Sunday from early morning to 14:00. Bargaining in local markets, unlike Turkish or Egyptian ones, is not accepted. Pay attention to jamon, which is considered the main Spanish edible souvenir: a portion of dry-cured ham costs from 20 EUR. In addition, wine is produced in Catalonia: a bottle of local wine will cost 10 EUR. It is most profitable to buy a grape drink in the Michelangelo supermarket. Read more: shopping in Salou.

Cuisine and restaurants in Salou

Street cafes are found at every turn in Salou, about every third has a Russian-speaking employee, so making an order will not leave any difficulty.

The main dish of Spanish cuisine is paella – rice with seafood or meat flavored with spices. In terms of popularity, only tapas can compete with it: snacks with meat, vegetables, fish or eggs.

It is also worth trying “fideua”: the same as paella, only with pasta instead of rice. A portion that two people can eat costs about 5 EUR in an economy class cafe. Grilled exotic clams are also popular: almejas – medium-sized, berberechos – small, navajas – long pointed shells.

In budget establishments, a generous portion of the main course costs 8-10 EUR, in higher-class restaurants – from 20 EUR. Connoisseurs of gourmet cuisine may like the place marked in the Michelin Red Guide. A tasting set in it will cost 40-60 EUR, depending on the items included.

Entertainment and attractions

All the sights of Salou are compactly located on the waterfront. The busiest place in the city is King Jaime I Boulevard. In the evenings, fountains along the pedestrian zone, decorated with lights, begin to “sing”. In the middle of the street rises a gilded statue of the monarch on horseback, and on the paving slabs are the coats of arms of the nobles who accompanied him on a campaign to Mallorca.

At the end of the promenade there are several Catalan Art Nouveau mansions, the most famous is Villa Voramar, designed by a student of Gaudí at the beginning of the last century. The house is decorated with mosaics, colored tiles and carvings, and the facade is decorated with a sundial with the inscription “Use the time, for it is gone forever.”

Between the boulevard and the sea stretches the main city beach. To the east, where it joins Chaplain’s Bay, rises the Old Fortress, built in the 16th century to protect against Saracen raids. Now it houses the Museum of Modern Art. History buffs can be recommended to go to the estate of Macia Catalana – a theme park that illustrates the events of Christmas and the medieval life of the Catalan peasants.

Tourists who prefer long walks should go to the bypass road. The 5.5 km route starts in the very center of the city and continues along the sea. You can see the infirmary and the bunker from the Civil War, as well as watch seabirds.

7 things to do in Salou

  1. Choose your favorite beach and swim in the sea several times a day.
  2. Take a ride on a tourist train, seeing the sights of the city.
  3. Order a huge portion of paella and a glass of local wine for lunch.
  4. Experience a free fall on one of the highest rides in Europe at Port Aventura.
  5. Buy jamon in the street market.
  6. Dance at the disco until the morning.
  7. Hear stories about the legendary King Jaime I who conquered Mallorca.

Night life

Most of the night bars are concentrated on the Playa Ponente beach, where parties are often held by the sea. During the summer, world-famous DJs come to play at the Pacha club, which is located in La Pineda and is considered the most popular on the Costa Dorada. A bright element of nightlife is flamenco. One of the best shows in the resort is held at the Villa Alexander restaurant and includes a performance and dinner with drinks.

Salou for children

PortAventura is the 6th most popular theme park in Europe. At the entrance, the Mediterranean zone begins, it is equipped like a typical Catalan town. On the fastest roller coaster, Furius Baco, you can accelerate in a few seconds to 135 km / h. The Hurakan Condor is located in the Mexico zone and is one of the tallest rides in the world. Thrill-seekers can experience a 100m free fall or move to the Chinese zone and check out Dragon Khan’s dead loop slide.

The Costa Caribe water park is also located on site (website in English). Its main attraction is the highest free-fall water slide in Europe, the highest point of which is at the height of a three-story building. The entrance ticket costs 29 EUR.

Another water amusement park “Aquopolis” is located in La Pineda. It will be more interesting for kids: there are no slides with steep turns on the territory, but you can watch the performances of dolphins and sea lions. A visit will cost 15.90 EUR if you buy a ticket in advance, and 28.95 EUR already at the box office (for children 15.90 EUR and 22.95 EUR, respectively).

The amusement park “Bosc-Aventura” is called the analogue of “Port Aventura” for kids. From the age of 7 you can play paintball, croquet, ride a segway, and also climb a rope town.

  • Should I buy tickets to the amusement park “Port Aventura” in advance

Weather in Salou

Salou has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild rainy winters. People come here for the sea, golden sand and vibrant nightlife. As with most similar resorts, the high season lasts from June to October. They start swimming in the last days of May, although at this time the water is quite cool, short-term rains are not uncommon. In the summer months, the resort does not experience the exhausting heat: the sea breeze, which brings cool air, saves. In the second half of September – the start of the velvet season. The sun is no longer hot, but it is still warm and sunny outside. This is a quiet time in the resort: youth parties stop, and families with children tend to Salou.

Salou, Spain