Search Bing Brings Bunch of Photos of Child Pornography

The search engine Bing is packed with photos that depict naked children or having sex. Pure child pornography. And most importantly: to get the images just that Internet users enter a simple and seemingly naive character combination. The information was revealed by the blog Gizmodo Brazil. We will not reveal what these characters are.
After seeing the news there, we did an investigation aside and confirmed that, in fact, the browser Microsoft has an unfortunate loophole that displays images related to pedophilia. They are shocking images and normally should not be seen in a tool accessed by millions of people daily. Bing on the list of the most used search engine in the world, just behind the ubiquitous Google.
Distribution of pornographic material involving children and underage youth is a crime. Is the Statute of Children and Adolescents. Just do not ask us what are the penalties for the internet giant, probably due to a failure unexpected, allows robots search add content to index and even the display. Images appear even when we adjust the search filter for the most rigorous module.
The Microsoft sent the following statement to 22h22: “We are committed to the fight against sexual exploitation around the world. Our teams are working to mitigate the problems as soon as possible. “I know they take it extremely seriously, as well as in efforts to other crimes are not accessible by Bing.
Internet users can report content related to child pornography, either page, image or video, by establishing Safernet Brazil.

Search off search

We detected on Saturday (16) at 23h18 that Bing completely disabled the search that brought content with child pornography. Microsoft gave no further details on how to deal with the issue. Just as in their search engine, Google also provides similar material, by reporting on some readers. This is not an exclusivity of this or that Indexing Service.