Semester Abroad in Malaysia

“Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia” – Welcome to Malaysia! The multi-ethnic country in the heart of Southeast Asia is a real insider tip when it comes to a semester abroad.

Get to know Malaysia

As one of the richest and best to travel countries in the region, the elected kingdom presents itself as a diverse tropical paradise full of colorful contrasts. The country, which in total covers an area the size of Germany, consists of two parts of the country, which are separated by the South China Sea.

Nature awaits with breathtaking beauty: From white sandy beaches and azure blue sea to paradisiacal waterfalls and terraced rice fields to colorful coral reefs and a fascinating underwater world, the guest student will find everything his heart desires during his semester abroad in Malaysia.

In the west of Malaysia is the booming capital Kuala Lumpur with its lively cultural and music scene. In contrast, the eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak is home to the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, which is home to countless rare animal and plant species.

According to topschoolsintheusa, the country of Malaysia is also culturally diverse: Due to its changeable colonial history, Malaysia has become a melting pot of different cultures. Mosques stand side by side with Chinese and Hindu temples. The official language is Malay, but Chinese and Indian languages as well as English are widespread among the 29 million inhabitants. A semester abroad in Malaysia is a truly multicultural experience.

Reasons for a semester abroad in Malaysia

If you dream of spending a semester or two in an exotic country, Malaysia is the right place for you. In addition to the beauty and security of the relatively rich Asian country, the quality of the universities also speaks for studying in Malaysia. A lot of money has gone into the education sector in recent years. Thus, there are very good study conditions at the around 20 state and numerous private universities in Malaysia, especially in technical courses.

Malaysia as a location for foreign universities

For some years now, Malaysia has also become an attractive location for universities from the Anglo-Saxon region, which are opening a campus there. These include the British University of Nottingham and the Australian Swinburne University of Technology. The English-language teaching throughout and the British or Australian-style range of courses often make these university locations particularly interesting for studying abroad.

Semester Abroad in Malaysia

Study Abroad Programs in Malaysia

For those who do not want to spend their entire studies in Malaysia, a semester or two abroad is an ideal opportunity to get to know the tropical paradise. So-called study abroad programs give students the opportunity to take courses from the host university’s range of courses across semesters and faculties. The achievements made during the semester in Malaysia can often be credited towards further studies in Germany. However, this should be clarified in advance with the responsible examination office so that there are no problems.

Semester abroad in Malaysia: requirements

The only requirements for participating in a Study Abroad program in Malaysia are usually:

  • the (technical) high school diploma
  • enrollment at a German university
  • sufficient knowledge of English

Language tests such as the IELTS or TOEFL serve as proof of proficiency in English. Some universities also accept alternative language certificates such as the DAAD language certificate for German applicants.

Costs and financing options

The cost of participating in a Study Abroad program in Malaysia is between EUR 2,700 and EUR 5,500, depending on the subject and the number of courses chosen. But the cost of living is a lot lower than in Germany. If the demands are not too high, a guideline value of around EUR 400 per month for accommodation, food and leisure activities can be assumed.

Scholarships and BAföG abroad

Financial assistance for a semester stay in Malaysia is offered by scholarships, for example from the DAAD or various foundations that support students with particularly good performance.

The Auslands-BAföG is largely independent of performance. This includes:

  • a grant towards the tuition fees of up to EUR 4,600
  • further subsidies for living expenses and flight costs

Due to different assessment limits, students who are not entitled to BAföG in Germany are sometimes also funded. It is therefore advisable to obtain information about this funding option from the responsible BAföG office in Tübingen / Hohenheim.

Another way to finance the semester abroad in Malaysia is to offer student and education loans with low interest rates.

Visa and entry requirements for Malaysia

German citizens need a visa to study in Malaysia. The application is relatively simple: after admission to a Malaysian university, it initiates the visa process. Applicants only need to provide proof of sufficient financial resources and a health certificate. The students then receive a Student’s Pass on site. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to work in Malaysia.

Vaccinations and health insurance abroad

Special vaccinations are not required when entering Malaysia directly from Europe. If you are planning further trips within Malaysia or the surrounding region, however, it can make sense to increase the vaccination protection that is usual in Germany. For example, vaccinations against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis or rabies are useful. In this case, it is important to consult an experienced travel doctor in good time. To be adequately covered in case of emergency during his semester abroad in Malaysia, should one before travel medical insurance to complete.