Solution for Hair Weak

The solution to the hair weak and thin is to use hair products based on keratin and protein, at least 3 times a month. Some good products are the Mask reconstructive conditioning shield to spare the dough, the brand Maxsther, and the Time reset corretive defense, Redklen.

Solution for Hair Weak 1

The products mentioned above are able to improve the appearance of the threads, strengthening them, giving more volume and shine.

With the passing of the years, the hair also age, becoming more thin, weak and brittle. This also happens due to the drastic decrease in hormones that the female body suffers due to menopause. Therefore, the hormone replacement therapy also promotes the beauty of the yarn, in this particular case.

Solution for Hair Weak 2

The power supply is another important factor to the hair, therefore, it is recommended to eat 1 tablespoon of wheat germ per day. In addition to strengthening the hair, your nails will be stronger, breaking less.

In addition, it is important to avoid washing your hair at night, because sleep with your scalp wet favours the breakage of the yarn and the increase of dandruff.

Solution for Hair Weak 3