South Dakota Private Schools by County

By | January 9, 2023

The state’s economy is largely dominated by agriculture. The fertile soils of the East (black lands) are home to crops (cereals, forage plants), vast expanses of pastures in the West are the domain of cattle and sheep farming. Southeast Dakota is the first national producer of oats and rye.

Mineral wealth is varied. Mining became important in the 1870s with the discovery of Homestake’s golden vein in the Black Hills. The state is the first national gold producer today. The subsoil also hides oil, uranium, copper and money. The northwest of the state contains vast reserves of lignite.


Industries derive essentially from the treatment and processing of primarily agricultural and mineral materials; thus, the main industrial sectors are the agri-food (meat, dairy products, mills), the wood industry (framework), metallurgy, the mechanical industry and electronics. Sioux Falls is the state’s main industrial center. Tourism is an important activity. South Dakota has several national parks (Wind Cave, Badlands); the most visited tourist sites are the Black Hills, the historic mining town of Deadwood and Mount Rushmore (Rapid City) celebrates. Museums are dedicated to Indian culture and crafts (Siouxland Heritage Museums, Sioux Falls; Dacotah Prado Museum, Aberdeen).

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Major Cities in South Dakota


Pierre, city ​​and capital of the state of South Dakota in the United States. It has about 14,000 residents. The city was founded as Aricara in 1822, and was the center of traffic in upper Missouri and the gold rush in the 1880’s. Today, the city is part of an agricultural area with a lot of grain and cattle. Pierre also has some tourism.

Private Schools in South Dakota by County

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