Study in University of California Santa Barbara 4


Before you arrive, you should have found somewhere to stay for the first few nights. Public transport is not very good, especially near the airport, and nearby hotels usually cost a lot and offer little. Since there are no hotels in the immediate vicinity of the university and Santa Barbara only has a small hostel, it is advisable to make contact with other foreign students from Germany. This way you get to know friends at an early stage and have support in looking for an apartment. Alternatively, you can arrange to meet fellow travelers and share a hotel room. In the USA, you don’t usually pay per person, but per room – the more friends you bring with you, the cheaper the night will be!

The campus is modernly equipped and houses numerous fast food restaurants. The immaculate bike paths shouldn’t be left unused; they allow you to move forward quickly. Many student clubs meet on campus. Regardless of whether it is sport, social engagement, languages ​​and culture or Bible study – there is something for every taste.
A big point of criticism is the price situation on campus, as well as in Santa Barbara. The city is one of the most expensive in the USA. The rental prices are outrageously high (see and should be considered before deciding where to study. In addition to the cost of living, there are also high administrative fees for visas, studies and the like. be expected. If that doesn’t put you off, you will have a great time at UCSB! Read more student reviews on Educationvv.

I personally received foreign student loans. The grant is very easy to get, is over € 4,000 for tuition fees and does not have to be repaid. Everyone who is entitled to domestic student loans should urgently apply!

Psychology at UCSB

The university has excellent lecturers and offers very personal support, especially in the graduate area. During my time in California, I took many courses from the Gevirtz Graduate School for Clinical, Counseling and School Psychology and can recommend them without reservation. If you are interested in clinical psychology and you are not satisfied with the theoretical lectures at German universities, you have the opportunity here to solve interesting case histories in very small groups (10-12 students) or to practice neuro-psychological assessment. An integrative approach is taught, which combines strategies from the most diverse schools of psychotherapy. Unlike in Germany, weekly homework is the order of the day.


UCSB and the surrounding area are the perfect starting point for all kinds of activities. In the following I have put together some of the most amusing ways to pass the time:

  • Surfing at the Campus Point: In Santa Barbara a beach is part of the campus – learning to surf is a must
  • Excursion Club: organizes around 10 free events per week (surf lessons, hiking trips, paintball, parties, etc.) – here you get to know people quickly!
  • CAB (Community Affairs Board): A paradise for volunteers – members receive a weekly newsletter with countless local offers to become charitable. The student club organizes dog walks in the animal shelter (adopt-a-dog), work with disabled people or on the avocado farm and much more.
  • Bill’s Bus on Thursday: a party bus that goes downtown and back for little money. Downtown is college night – entry is free in all clubs!
  • Skydiving in Lompoc
  • Tour of Santa Barbara’s museums
  • Eat fast food: Chinese, Italian, American, Japanese, especially Mexican
  • Learn Spanish: There are a lot of Spanish-speaking people living in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area – so not only can you improve your English, but also your Spanish during your stay!
  • Recreation Center: luxuriously equipped sports center – in addition to a whirlpool with a view of the mountains, you will find the best basketball court to throw baskets here
  • Camarillo Outlet:> 40 minutes by car, on site you will find branded clothing at bargain prices
  • Halloween on Del Playa: California’s biggest Halloween party
  • Buying a classic car / renting a car and going on weekend trips: Santa Barbara is the perfect starting point for traveling. From here you can plan your road trip or just drive in three of the four directions. LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and San Diego can be breathtaking and should definitely be visited.
  • Into nature: there are few places in the USA that offer as much variety as California. Beach, mountains and desert meet here. Don’t miss the national parks (Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone…); It is worth it!
  • Try American sweets: frozen yogurt, oreos, peanut butter & jelly, smores, brownies… mmmhhh

My conclusion:

Although expensive, I had an unforgettable time at UCSB. I got to know unique people from all over the world, improved my language skills, gained exclusive specialist knowledge and discovered beautiful places. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the MicroEDU team and Aline Meyer for their patient support in all organizational and content-related questions!

Study in University of California Santa Barbara 4