Study in University of California Santa Barbara 5


Applying via is very easy. You will be given free advice on formalities, visas, costs, etc. It is important that you apply very early, as the number of places at the university in the international program has been limited to 125 people. The application is practically purely formal; no one was rejected in our year.

You should also take care of the visa relatively early, there are a number of documents to be obtained (bank certificate, sevis, etc.) and an appointment may not always be made immediately, depending on the time of year. The total costs are around 280 euros.

Flights can be booked cheaply via, for example; It is much cheaper to book a return flight in one, then you pay around 500 euros for both flights together.

I arrived in Los Angeles and we bought a car there and drove it to Santa Barbara. Not to be recommended: our car broke down and was a total write-off, it is best to rent a car. Alternatively, you can also take the bus, which costs around $ 45.


In my opinion, it makes the most sense to first rent a motel or hostel on site and then look for a flat share or apartment from there. The best location here is definitely the student district “Isla Vista” right next to the university. Mostly students live there and around the street “Del Playa” you are in the middle of student life and also right on the beach. From there you can quickly get to the university by bike, which can be bought cheaply at, especially recommended if you don’t have a car. In other parts of the city there are almost no students. The costs are very high in Santa Barbara: a small room in “Isla Vista” is usually not less than $ 800 a month.

Shopping and eating

In the huge supermarkets (Vons, Ralfs) you can buy everything your heart desires, fast food and meat are generally cheaper than in Germany, healthy food (vegetables, fruit etc.) but also significantly more expensive. There are many restaurants, including Outback (Steakhouse), Wendy’s, Mäces, In’n Out, etc., and they are often fast food chains.

Campus life / night life

The university has a huge, beautiful area that takes at least 15 minutes from one side to the other. There is a RecCentre, the sports center, which costs $ 60 for a quarter and has everything from the climbing wall to the fitness center, basketball, squash, tennis and badminton. The campus is always filled with many students, but you don’t come into contact with students at the university because the Americans are very disciplined at the university.
It’s completely different in the evenings: at the weekend just walk along “Del Playa” and crash a big house party, as a German you are usually very welcome and get to know a lot of people at least superficially. There are more than enough parties and many also take the “Bill’s Bus” downtown, where clubs like Tonic or Madison are always well filled and good parties go on.

The courses

American students have priority, so you don’t get all the courses you might want. In the beginning it only helps to attend all courses that interest you and then talk to the professor to see if you will be accepted in the course. In the end, everyone got the three necessary courses, if not always the first choice. It is advisable to take care of it at an early stage! We do not recommend the extension courses, which are more at elementary school level and partly on a different campus (40 minutes away). The university courses are all economics courses, there is no business administration. However, the exams are usually quite simple, so that as a business graduate you have no problems keeping up. I chose Crime & Justice, Public Finance and Health Economics as courses. All courses can be found in the course directory on the university’s homepage. Read more student reviews on Ehuacom.


A California tour is definitely worth it! San Diego, San Francisco and LA are well worth seeing.
Also Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, if you can find the time, are a bit further away.


Don’t be rude to the Americans, don’t take all promises too seriously, don’t mess with the police! Penalties are very high, drug offenses can be jailed quickly; Peeing in the wild alone costs $ 240.


Highly recommended university for all party and beach lovers! There is always something going on at the university, there are lots of parties and good weather even in winter.

Study in University of California Santa Barbara 5