Tablets Android, Has Fallen Behind against The IPad or There Is a Catalogue Interesting?

Apple has returned to move and this month has presented its new range of tablets, one of them especially focused on productivity. That makes us come back to ask if in these times the catalogue of Android is up to of the competition. The answer is not simple, since it can vary depending on the type of tablet to us who we are we refer.
On the one hand we have the conventional tablets such as the iPad and iPad Mini, while on the other we have the more focused on productivity as the new iPad Pro. In both cases, we have several alternatives in the Android ecosystem, but they are all to rise to the occasion? Are they able to offer us the same benefits as those of the competition?

A bad year for tablets

It’s been a difficult year for tablets, which continue to see how their sales are months stalled. This is being done to manufacturers think twice before launching new devices, so we are having a rather boring year in terms of releases of high-end risk or try to break with the established.
There are several reasons why this deceleration, can be taken from a size increase in smartphones that is eating the market of seven inches up to about ten inches, being already in house of all concerned to have them, It is having to reinvent to continue selling and gaining attractiveness in a saturated market.
But we can not ignore that Google also has some of the blame. Android today It is far from being an optimal solution to get the maximum party of the large screens, and manufacturers that are committed by him are having to squeeze the head based on layers of customization to make that their devices are more than just a large mobile.

Android alternatives to the iPad and iPad Mini

4 mini iPad is one of the new devices presented by Apple this month. We could consider it the poor brother of the range of Tablet equipped with iOS, and complies with offer a processor A8 dual-core, 2 GB of RAM and a display of almost eight inches, which is positioning itself as the new standard size for small tablets following the growth of smartphones.
As you can see it’s a simple tablet that plays all of their tricks to good user experience that Apple can afford to the design your OS for only a handful of devices. But theoretical benefits of OS aside, on the table we find a tablet that is much lower than many of the proposals with Android.
If we want to give a current example only have to mention the 8 inch version of the new Galaxy Tab S2 from Samsung, that without being a Tablet too ambitious features a processor Exynos 5433 of eight cores and 3 GB of RAM, so it muscle more than enough to be a good alternative to the iPad Mini.
If we take the view back nor we can forget the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. This is a somewhat more humble device in terms of power with a SoC Snapdragon 801 and 3 GB of RAM, but that between his good finish marks the House and its resistance to water and dust It has nothing to envy to your Apple device. Even in the updated their operating system is, because despite having a time Sony has not forgotten update to Android 5.1.1.
Three quarters of the same happens regarding the iPad alternatives conventional, as in you range of ten inches This year we have two good proposals as the new Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet with its 2K and the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 that flirts with the productivity with Microsoft and preinstalling Microsoft Office suite with 100 GB free on OneDrive.
Even those who want a more economical but also functional alternative also have Android some ranges of input not covered by Apple. The last good example that we can find here is the new Fire Kindle from Amazon, which offers you a quad – core processor with a gig of RAM for only 60 euros. It is difficult to resist if you look for a functional device.
Therefore we see that the catalogue is not as broad as in the past, but quite complete. And that we have not mentioned very good alternatives such as the Nvidia Shield Tablet, Huawei MediaPad M2, Asus ZenPad 8.0 or the very Nexus 9 that although it took a little optimize your software remains a leading catalog Tablets.

Alternatives to the iPad Pro

Few believed in the vision of Microsoft when he took out his first Surface with specifications of laptop and desktop Windows operating system. But the time has finished giving the reason and Apple has finished paying to the evidence and throwing a same device but with an operating system that remains the same as in the rest of its tablets.
The concept is simple, offer a functional device and that you can serve both to entertain yourself as with any other tablet as work thanks to their productivity tools. Here, the lack of interest from Google to optimize Android for the 10 inch makes the catalog will suffer more, although there is still some that another alternative.
Once again we are talking about the Galaxy Tab S2, because in addition to a keyboard that you can attach you also it counts with the aforementioned Microsoft productivity solution. No keyboard but with Stylus and focused productivity also was the NotePRO presented earlier this year, although we cannot say that it has made too much noise.
But aside from Samsung or Sony with the aforementioned Z4 Tablet, the rest of the catalogue is rather boring and unambitious as to seek a good solution for the productivity. ASUS had us well accustomed with their hybrids, but since the Transformer Pad last year has a little abandoned.
The only ones who have sought a similar concept and almost objects to Microsoft are Jide boys with their Remix Ultra Tablet, which is basically a Surface with an Android adapted to the desktop as you should be trying to do Google. Unfortunately it is a small project that not getting make too much noise.
Therefore, and despite the fact that sure I propondréis alternatives in the comments that I have not mentioned, I’m afraid that in the end not we have no choice but to suspend to Android in tablets of productivity. And worst of all is that the thing is that it will not change in the short term, at least at first glance Android 6.0 Marshmallow doesn’t seem that it will bring new features for tablets.