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The Afghans proper are a resolute, extraordinarily strong and proud people, very fond of their freedom. The admittedly narrow, eagle-nosed face shows many Mongolian traits. Black hair and a thick beard give them a fierce, imposing appearance. Their Moslem religion and their aversion to European civilization make it clear how this people has resisted the English influence tooth and nail, and still has not given up the struggle. Now that England is involved in the great European war, reports are constantly appearing in the press that the Afghanistan have risen. In dress, only the East Indies, by the way, always Persian examples are followed. The outer garments usually consist of 2 skirts, made of wool, linen or camel hair. The headgear is a white or blue turban. The women are veiled when they appear in public. Economic situation. Although of Afghanistan is occupied by mountainous land, this is the most important part, as the remainder consists of arid steppes and salt marshes or is completely worthless desert. — The difference in climate of the different parts entails an equally great diversity of agricultural products. In the most favorable places, a harvest can be brought in twice a year. The first usually consists of wheat, barley and lentils, the second of rice and millet. Moreover, the country produces many European vegetables, especially in the periphery of the cities, including potatoes, which, however, are unknown in many regions. Opium and sugar cane grow in the East, but cotton and tobacco have been particularly successful. Castor, sesame, mustard seed and other oil-bearing plants are common, while madder can be exported to India. However, Afghanistan is most famous as fruit country. Check zipcodesexplorer for Afghanistan Travel Information.

Afghanistan History

Afghanistan – national flag In the period 1929-92, the flag of Afghanistan was divided into three parts with the colors black, red, green, from 1973 in horizontal stripes. The colors symbolized tradition, the blood of the holy martyrs, and Islam, respectively. Countryaah: What does the flag of Afghanistan look like? Follow this link, then you… Read More »

Afghanistan Trade Relations with the EU

Subchapters: Business Relationships FTAs ​​and Treaties Development Cooperation Prospective fields of study (MOP) Business relations Trade relations with the EU The trade balance between the EU and Afghanistan has been significantly active for the EU in the long term, primarily due to the underdeveloped Afghan economy, which, without the necessary reforms, is on the one… Read More »