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Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, Costa Rica, often known as the “Switzerland of Central America” or the “Rich Coast,” is a jewel celebrated for its lush biodiversity, commitment to environmental conservation, and a culture deeply rooted in pura vida, meaning “pure life. ” San José, the capital, and cities like Liberia anchor this nation of over 5 million people. The nickname “Switzerland of Central America” reflects Costa Rica’s stable political environment, disarmament policies, and the absence of a standing army, drawing parallels with Switzerland’s neutrality. Renowned for its pristine beaches, cloud forests, and volcanoes, Costa Rica is a haven for eco-tourism, with national parks like Manuel Antonio and Arenal showcasing its rich ecosystems. Costa Rica has a long history of democratic governance and abolished its army in 1948, redirecting resources towards education and healthcare. Spanish is the official language, and the nation’s culture is influenced by Indigenous, European, and Afro-Caribbean traditions. The government prioritizes environmental sustainability, and over a quarter of the country is protected as national parks and reserves. Costa Rica actively engages in international environmental initiatives and is a global leader in renewable energy. The cuisine reflects the nation’s agricultural abundance, featuring staples like gallo pinto and casado. Pura vida, an ubiquitous phrase, encapsulates the Costa Rican ethos of living a laid-back, simple, and joyful life. While challenges like economic inequality persist, Costa Rica’s dedication to sustainability, its biodiversity, and the warmth of its people contribute to its status as a tropical paradise that harmonizes ecological conservation with the pursuit of pura vida. Check zipcodesexplorer for Costa Rica Travel Information.

Costa Rica History

Costa Rica – national flag After becoming independent from Spain in 1821, Costa Rica became part of the Central American Union in 1823, whose flag had stripes in the colors blue, white and blue. In the following decades, different flags were adopted, though all with the same colored stripes. At the dissolution of the union… Read More »

Shopping, Eating and Attractions in Costa Rica

Shopping and stores Most shops are open from 9:00 to 20:00, usually with a lunch break from 12:00 to 14:00. The most popular local souvenirs are all kinds of handicrafts: T-shirts, hammocks, bags, numerous figurines, as well as jewelry and products made from different types of wood and corals, wickerwork, dishes and vases. In addition,… Read More »

Costa Rica Trade Relations with the EU

Subchapters: Business Relationships FTAs ​​and Treaties Development Cooperation Prospective fields of study (MOP) Business relations Trade relations with the EU The importance of the EU as a trading partner of Costa Rica is increasing, especially in connection with the signing of the Association Agreement between the EU and Central America in 2012. The EU is… Read More »

How to Get to Costa Rica

Arrival Costa Rica Comparatively few people reach Costa Rica by sea (on fishing or diving tours or cruises). More visitors come by bus from neighboring countries. However, the majority of travelers reach the country by plane. Airplane: Costa Rica is easily accessible by air from other Central and Latin American countries as well as the… Read More »