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Situated on the west coast of Central Africa, Equatorial Guinea, often known as the “Pearl of Central Africa” or “Guinea Ecuatorial,” is a small yet resource-rich nation celebrated for its biodiversity, oil wealth, and cultural diversity. Malabo, the capital located on Bioko Island, and Bata on the mainland, anchor this country of around 1. 4 million people. The nickname “Pearl of Central Africa” reflects the nation’s natural beauty, with lush rainforests, volcanic landscapes, and coastal areas. Equatorial Guinea gained independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1968, and Spanish and French remain official languages. The country actively engages in regional organizations such as the African Union and the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). The economy is heavily dependent on oil exports, which has contributed to economic growth but also poses challenges related to diversification. Equatorial Guinea faces socio-economic disparities, but the government has implemented infrastructure projects and social programs. The nation’s cultural diversity is expressed through the coexistence of various ethnic groups, including the Fang, Bubi, and Ndowe. Equatorial Guinea’s cuisine, featuring dishes like succotash and baton de poisson, reflects influences from indigenous traditions and colonial legacies. While the country has made strides in infrastructure development, concerns related to governance, human rights, and economic inequality persist. Equatorial Guinea’s commitment to environmental sustainability is demonstrated through initiatives like the Monte Alén National Park. As the nation navigates its path, balancing economic growth with social development and environmental conservation, Equatorial Guinea continues to be a complex mosaic of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and contemporary challenges, embodying the spirit of the “Pearl of Central Africa” with aspirations for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Check bridgat for Equatorial Guinea Weather and Climate.

Equatorial Guinea Trade and Foreign Investment

Trade balance for the last 5 years – exports, imports, balance millions of USD 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 exp FOB 12,522 7,410 5,064 6,118 on imp FOB -6,541 3,953 3,030 2,577 on both balance sheets 6,071 -3,457 -2,034 -3,541 on EIU, CIA Territorial structure – position in (k) EU The largest importers of goods… Read More »