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Greece History

Greece – national flag The flag was officially introduced in 1822 and reintroduced in 1978, after the country had at times carried a blue flag with a white cross. There are several theories as to why the Greeks just chose blue and white for their flag. The blue color is said to remind the people… Read More »

Greece Trade and Foreign Investment

Subchapters: Business Relationships Foreign direct investment FTAs ​​and Treaties Development Cooperation Prospective fields of study (MOP) Business relations Trade relations with the EU Greece trades primarily within the EU, from where roughly 57% of imports came from until 2020 and 57% of exports went there. The increase in the prices of energy imported from third… Read More »

How to Get to Greece

Resort selection The best resorts for a beach holiday in Greece are undoubtedly the islands. Crete is considered one of the best resorts in the country with fairly affordable prices for holidays. The islands of Rhodes, Corfu and Santorini are also popular. Tourists love to relax in the Gulf of Kallithea and on the Halkidiki… Read More »