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Iraq, located in the Middle East, is a nation with a rich historical legacy and a complex contemporary landscape. Often referred to as the “Cradle of Civilization,” Iraq has been home to ancient civilizations like the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Assyrians, contributing significantly to human development. Baghdad, the capital, has been a center of learning and culture throughout history. The country’s landscape includes fertile plains between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, vast deserts, and mountainous regions. Iraq has a diverse population comprising Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, and other ethnic groups, with Islam as the predominant religion. The nation has faced significant challenges, including the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s and the Gulf War in the 1990s, as well as subsequent conflicts and periods of instability. The 2003 invasion led to the toppling of Saddam Hussein’s regime, marking a turning point in Iraq’s recent history. The subsequent years saw sectarian tensions, insurgency, and the rise of extremist groups. Despite these challenges, Iraq has made efforts to rebuild and stabilize, with a parliamentary system of governance. The economy, largely dependent on oil exports, has faced fluctuations due to geopolitical factors. Iraq’s cultural heritage, including archaeological sites like Babylon and Ur, has suffered damage, but ongoing preservation initiatives aim to protect and showcase the country’s historical treasures. Iraq’s people are known for their resilience, and the diverse traditions, music, and cuisine contribute to a vibrant cultural tapestry. While contending with the impact of conflict and striving for political stability, Iraq remains a nation with a deep-rooted history and a potential for renewed growth and prosperity.

Iraq History

Iraq – national flag Iraq’s current flag is from 1991. It has the pan-Arab colors, which symbolize the revolution, the glorious future and the tradition. The country’s first flag from 1919 contained a red, triangular field similar to Jordan’s flag, but with two stars in the field. In 1963, the triangle, after the Egyptian model,… Read More »

Iraq Trade and Foreign Investment

Subchapters: Business Relationships Foreign direct investment FTAs ​​and Treaties Development Cooperation Prospective fields of study (MOP) Business relations Trade relations with the EU The EU’s trade relations with Iraq are governed by the EU-Iraq Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, which is the first contractual relationship between the two partners. The text of the Partnership and Cooperation… Read More »

Iraq Children and School

Do Iraqi children go to school? In Iraq there is compulsory schooling for nine years. Children attend primary school from the age of seven and stay there for six years. This is followed by the secondary level I. Afterwards there is an upper level, after which a university can be attended. Arabic is the language… Read More »