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Nicaragua History

Nicaragua – national flag After several adjustments in terms of colors and proportions, the flag was officially hoisted in 1971. It dates back to the flag of the Central American United States from 1823. This flag was taken over almost unchanged when the country broke away from the federation in 1838. The blue color stands… Read More »

Nicaragua Trade and Foreign Investment

Subchapters: Business Relationships Foreign direct investment FTAs ​​and Treaties Development Cooperation Prospective fields of study (MOP) Business relations Trade relations with the EU Nicaragua was the EU’s 128th trading partner in 2021. For 2021, goods worth 341 million euros were imported from Nicaragua to the EU, which is approximately the same as in previous years.… Read More »

Nicaraguan Literature and World Heritage Site

Nicaraguan literature According to thefreegeography, Nicaraguan literature, is part of Latin American literature in Spanish. Apart from the popular drama “El Güegüence o Macho Ratón”, which originated in colonial times and is based on Indian roots, the prehistory of Nicaraguan literature is not rich in important documents. At the end of the 19th century the… Read More »