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North Korea History

North Korea (National Flag) The flag was officially adopted in 1948. The colors of Korea’s old flag have been retained. The star represents the Korean Workers’ Party, and the dominant red color indicates that the country has chosen the path of socialism. The white color is the Korean national color that has been used for… Read More »

North Korea Trade and Foreign Investment

In recent years, the DPRK’s foreign trade has been reoriented mainly to trade with the PRC, which, however, is significantly unbalanced in terms of quality, and within the leadership of the DPRK, this one-sided dependence probably has its opponents. However, the DPRK is unable to diversify its trade. In 2019, China’s share of the DPRK’s… Read More »

North Korea Economic Sectors

ECONOMY: AGRICULTURE, LIVESTOCK AND FISHING Given the prevailing mountainousness of the country, the arable land occupies about a quarter of the territorial surface; the forms of management remain outdated and businesses lacking adequate equipment. To this scenario must be added the aforementioned cyclical occurrence of floods and consequent famines (1990s of the twentieth century and… Read More »

North Korea Human Geography

The news regarding the population of North Korea are rather fragmentary but sufficient to place it in the Paleolithic era. The north of the peninsula has been identified as the area of ​​earliest settlement probably due to the Mongolian populations coming from N, the Tungusis; then there was immigration of “southern” groups (Malaysians and Indonesians)… Read More »