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United States History

USA (National Flag) The flag was officially introduced in 1960. The first United States flag from 1775 was the then British trunk flag; however, the red field was split into 13 red and white stripes, one for each of the original states of the Union. In 1777, Union Jack in the corner was replaced by… Read More »

US 50 in Ohio

  US 50 Get started Elizabethtown End Porterfield Length 211 mi Length 340 km Route Indiana Cincinnati Fayetteville Hillsboro Chillicothe Athens Porterfield West Virginia According to citypopulationreview.com, US 50 is a US Highway in the US state of Ohio. The road forms an east-west route through the south of the state, from the Cincinnati region… Read More »

Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas boasts a thriving high-tech industry and the state’s most important university. However, she is most famous for her music scene – and has been since the 1960s. Musicians as diverse as Janis Joplin and Willie Nelson rose to fame in Austin. The influx of musicians from New Orleans, which was destroyed… Read More »

Louisiana Sightseeing

According to travelationary, New Orleans is of course the ultimate crowd puller. Hardly any other metropolis in the USA exerts a greater attraction on guests than the birthplace of jazz. Visit-USA has therefore dedicated four separate pages to the exciting city on the Mississippi . Some of the South’s finest plantations can be found along… Read More »

Nevada Regions and Sights

Las Vegas Las Vegas is without a doubt the biggest crowd puller in the state of Nevada. Comprehensive information about the entertainment mecca of Las Vegas can be found on the following pages. Carson City Since 1861 Carson City – in the west of the state near the California border – has been the capital… Read More »

Alabama Information

Alabama stretches from the Cumberland Plateau in the northeast all the way down south to the fertile plains of the Gulf of Mexico. The state is home to more animal and plant species than any other east of the Mississippi. 30 miles of snow-white sandy beaches drape Alabama’s southernmost point. The sand consists of particularly… Read More »

Major Airports in Florida

Miami International Airport From the Hertz airport location Miami Intl AP, the city of Miami can be reached very quickly and easily after renting a car. The airport is Florida’s busiest airport with both international and domestic flights. Not only passenger flights land there, but also cargo flights. Miami is the gateway between Latin America… Read More »

Monument Valley, Arizona

There are many beautiful places in America, but few destinations are as iconic as Monument Valley located in the state of Arizona in Western America . The world famous image of an empty long straight road with the hundreds of meters high rocks in the background slowly unfolds before your eyes as you drive up… Read More »

State Route 139 and 14 in Colorado

State Route 139 in Colorado SR-139 Get started Loma End rangely Length 72 mi Length 116 km Route Lomarangely According to topschoolsintheusa, State Route 139, commonly known as State Highway 139 or SH 139 is a state route in the U.S. state of Colorado. The road forms a north-south route in the far west of… Read More »

United States Trade and Foreign Investment

Subchapters: Business Relationships Foreign direct investment FTAs ​​and Treaties Development Cooperation Prospective fields of study (MOP) Business relations Trade relations with the EU The EU and the US are each other’s biggest trading partners and investors. The willingness of the US to cooperate on WTO reform, the withdrawal of reservations from the GPA in the… Read More »

Natural History Museum of Utah

Museum of Natural History of Utah (Salt Lake City, USA) – expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website. The Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) is located in downtown Rio Tinto on the campus of the University of Utah and is housed in a new, state-of-the-art 2011 building designed by a New York architect.… Read More »

Staten Island, New York

Staten Island (New York, USA) — description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos. Among the 5 boroughs of New York, Staten Island occupies a special place. Although it is the third in area, it is the last in terms of population. Its 151 square kilometers account for no more than 500 thousand inhabitants, which is… Read More »

Empire State Building

For a long time it was the tallest building in New York and for a few years even the tallest building on earth: the Empire State Building in New York City. On a clear day you can see almost 130 kilometers from there and see five states. It owes its popularity not least to its… Read More »

United States Business and Agriculture

Business The US economy is one of the best performing in the world. With a gross national income (GNI) of (2017) US $ 58,270 per resident and a gross domestic product (GDP) of (2016) US $ 18,561.9 billion, the USA generates by far the highest GDP of all OECD countries. However, the USA has lost… Read More »

Study Abroad in Boston University

The application process: … is incredibly extensive and a lot of documents and evidence are required. The many forms are all provided by MicroEDU and you get valuable tips on how to apply. If you have any questions, you will be quickly helped – and there will be questions! The application also includes, for example,… Read More »

New York Overview

New York is one of the most famous American states, which of course is due to the city of New York City. It is not even the capital, but the largest city in the state. The most important destination for tourists, especially in summer, is Long Island, where you can relax on numerous beautiful beaches. But… Read More »

Ohio Policy and Administration

The capital of Ohio is Columbus, located near the center of the state. Since 2007, the Governor is Ted Strickland. Ohio has 18 seats in the United States House of Representatives. The chief executive officer of Ohio is the governor. This is chosen by the electors of the state for a term of up to… Read More »

Study in University of California Santa Barbara (8)

Planning and application Since the beginning of my bachelor’s degree, I had planned to integrate a semester abroad into my course of study. When choosing the university, the good professional reputation of the university and the central location in California were particularly important to me, which is why I ultimately decided on the University of… Read More »

Study in University of California Santa Barbara (7)

Preparation of the study visit Application to UCSB I applied to the University of California Santa Barbara through MicroEDU in late January. I received my approval within a month. MicroEDU was found to be very helpful with the application. I can highly recommend the service thanks to precise instructions for the correct application and excellent… Read More »