The Return of The Nexus 7: Huawei Could Be Behind The Y Llegaria The Next Year

Nexus 7 takes a couple of years in the dry dock, from 2013 model We have not returned to this seven-inch Tablet news. With Nexus 9 and Pixel C in the market (the second only in a few countries at the moment) it seems difficult to see a renovation soon. In China a half points to that the renovation of the 7 will come in 2016.
The font that launches this rumor is a Chinese journalist dedicated to the world of technology and that on other occasions has leaked information about future releases. According to him, next year It will return the Nexus 7 at the hands of Huawei, company seeking to extend its relationship with Google following the recent launch of the Nexus 6 p.
Until there comes the rumor as It has not made any kind of technical specification in the connection. For Huawei would not be a surprise to a tablet of these features since has shown that it is able to make very interesting tablets in this format: MediaPad M2 and X 2 are two good examples. Pointer devices with power enough to cover most of the needs.
We will also see If Google cares in restarting the category of Android tablets: Nexus 9 2014 was a bit disastrous and this year they have decided to go for a Tablet under family Pixel with the aim of approaching the sector’s productivity, complicated trick since the competition has more attractive devices.

There are hollow and tablet with 7 inch 16:9?

To read this rumor did not want to lend much credibility, not so much by the doubtful that could be the source, but by another question: is there still room for tablets of seven-inch widescreen display? Mobile phones have grown and having 5-inch or more gives me the feeling of these cover most needs.
Another thing already is eight square-format models (Asus ZenPad S, Galaxy Tab S2…) that are committed to give more importance to the format screen. Said this do not see quite clearly that a Nexus 7 had long hollow. If we take as a reference the Nexus 6 p single are 1.3 inches more.
We will see how evolves 2016 but until the month of October, or surroundings, will not have a new renewal of Nexus devices so it is still early to speculate. Seen with the Nexus of Huawei, we hope that the Chinese manufacturer will improve in some aspects of design because the 6 p has given some other problem.