They Are The First Rumors of The MiPad 2: 4:3, 5.0 Android Screen or… Windows 10

All indications are that Xiaomi It has not filed all their cards this 2015: have known its input range, the average and its phablet. What’s left? A renovation of its flagship and doubt if this year will be encourage to launch a tablet. On the second, they have begun to get the first rumors from China.
KJuma, known for its leaks from other Asian devices, has given few details about the new tablet of Xiaomi. His name will be MiPad 2 the first change that draws our attention is the change to 4:3 format Inside, it hides several surprises both hardware and software.

Change to 4:3 and possibility of using Windows 10

The processor of this alleged tablet would be a Intel Cherry Trail of 14 NM. Does not specify which model but being a tablet with resolution 2K (depending on the source) This suggests that it would be a 5 X or 7 X (the same that carries Surface 3). At his side, it would have 3 or 4 GB of RAM, as it is not yet closed, but it would be one of the two quantities.
We find the most funny thing in the software. On the one hand we would find MIUI 7 with Android Lollipop 5.0 out of base. In addition, it would have the possibility of using Windows 10. Something that is not surprising if we take into account that some time Xiaomi announced an agreement with Microsoft to make a pilot test with your operating system in the Xiaomi Mi4.
What unknown is whether there will be a real option to install a version or another either there will be a dual boot that will allow us to insert between the two operating systems. At the moment KJuma does not give more details on the subject and invites us to wait to autumn, attempt – and rather vague – date for its launch.
In addition to this information, has posted a couple of photos of the device although the source States that is likely to be late and that the tablet that we see in this post is not that arrive to our hands. We will be vigilant, taking into account the pace of Xiaomi likely to see an ad shortly.