UCD Review

I am studying landscape architecture in the last bachelor semester and wanted to go abroad again before the end of my bachelor’s degree. Since I already spent a semester in another European country during my studies, I really wanted to go further afield and gain new experiences during my studies. I came across Davis by chance. My dream destination was Canada, but then a professor at my German university told me about the University of California at Davis or UCD according to act-test-centers. I immediately found out about the university and contacted the Faculty of Landscape Architecture in Davis. So, too, am I to MicroEDU came because my home university has no direct university cooperation with UCD.

In early January, I got in touch with MicroEDU to find out about the admission requirements for UCD. In the following months I started collecting all the necessary forms. By mid-May, I had all of the forms together and applied to UCD through MicroEDU. No matter what problem you have, you can always annoy the staff at MicroEDU with it and get an answer immediately. Not long after that, at the end of July I got the confirmation that I would be accepted into the UCD Global Study Program. The UCD will send you all further information for registering the courses, etc.

Before I flew to Davis in September, I had to look for a room and choose the courses. There are a lot of rooms in Davis, but rents are relatively expensive there. The best ways to get a room are through Craigslist. org, SISS housing list and the UCD housing group on Facebook.

The courses can be found in the university’s course catalog. As a Global Study Program student, unfortunately, you cannot take part in all courses, as the domestic students have priority on the course places. But the course catalog has enough to offer to find enough credits and interesting courses.

At the beginning of September the time had finally come and I flew to Davis. The city itself is relatively small with its 60,000 inhabitants. But there’s always something going on in Davis. There are many nice restaurants and bars where you can meet friends and have a good meal. You can also go out quite well in Davis, after a few weeks you will know the best places to go. Every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning there is a Farmers Market in the city’s Central Park. The Wednesday afternoon Farmers Market is perfect for post-class shopping and hanging out with friends. Since the city is relatively small, everything can be easily reached by bike. Davis, and especially the university campus, is bike-friendly. There are bike lanes almost everywhere in the city, and almost everyone in Davis cycles to university. Public transport, the Unitrans, is also very good, but if you don’t want to stick to the times, the easiest way to get anywhere is by bike.

There are also plenty of shops, from the organic market to Target, everything is available. Sacramento can be reached in about half an hour on the Yolo bus and San Francisco in two hours by train. The Napa and Sonoma Valley are only about an hour away and invite you to leisurely wine tastings. Highway 1 can also be reached in an hour.

UCD is one of the top ten state universities in the United States. The campus is very large, so it is highly recommended to get around by bike. Two central buildings on campus are the Memorial Union and Silo. There are bus stops and a cafeteria at both. Both places are always very popular with students to meet up with friends for lunch or coffee. The Quad, a lawn right next to Memorial Union, is the perfect place to hang out with friends in the sun.

In general, the university is very green and there are lawns everywhere, which are particularly well used on sunny days. The ARC, the fitness studio that is freely accessible to all students, is a perfect place to end a day of school. In addition to machines and weights, there is a climbing wall, basketball courts and many different courses are offered.

Davis is a great city for a semester abroad. The university is very good and you get to know a lot of nice people. There is a lot to do in his spare time as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Highway 1, Lake Tahoe and many other tourist destinations are all within easy reach. If you want to go further afield, there is also the option of flying anywhere from the nearby Sacramento Airport.

UCD Review