UCLA Review

Studying at UCLA was a unique and unforgettable experience. The Rieber-Hall is only conditionally recommendable for living; the rooms are inferior and smaller than anything I’ve seen before and not really cheap. Off-campus is not far away at all, you can easily walk there. The Saxon Suites are also much better. If possible, you should book the meal at the same time, otherwise you will lose a lot of time and also not notice the dining hall meeting point.

Important detail: smoking and alcohol are forbidden in the home. It is also not possible to buy beer or cigarettes on campus, so you have to go to a store like Ralphs in Westwood (tip: customer card!!!), that takes about 20 minutes, but there is one for everyone else Stuff a great mall right in the middle of the campus. Make sure you plan a little money for a few souvenirs, there are pretty much all UCLA fan articles (clothing, folders, flags, postcards and much more).

The range of sports on offer is amazing in a positive sense. From a giant fitness center to golf, everything is available and, above all, free to use!

When choosing a course, you should definitely do some research beforehand. More than two courses are too many. The level of most courses is OK, the bureaucratic hurdles at UCLA are not worth mentioning. The library is great too. I took PSYCH10 (Introduction to Psychology) and ECON106P (Pricing and Strategy).

The effort involved in the psychology course was okay. A chapter of the textbook had to be read before the lesson, which was then read in the lesson. There were a total of three exams under the “semester” and one final exam. The better grade was counted.

The second course, Pricing and Strategy, was a bit more difficult, although I have to mention here that I normally have nothing to do with economics. The difficulty here was the length of the exams and the taking down and simultaneous understanding during the lessons. The pace was extremely high.

I can only advise against the excursions organized by the home, as these can be organized much cheaper yourself. My tips: Las Vegas with Grand Canyon (book a flight by helicopter or small plane from Las Vegas), San Francisco and San Diego. Everyone is out and about at the weekend, there isn’t much going on on campus.

You can count on 50% Japanese, 30% German and a few other nations of the fellow students. The overall cost in LA is very high. You also need a lot of time to travel to and from, no matter where. Only Hollywood is in the immediate vicinity. Example: Our trip by car to San Diego (200 km) took 5 hours to drive. With a flight (e. g. to Las Vegas or San Francisco) you are usually better off because the time (6 weeks) is quite short.

All in all, it was an incredibly great experience and can only be recommended to everyone! The campus is incredibly beautiful and there is a lot to experience in and around LA! Act-test-centers is also highly recommended, an application really couldn’t be easier! You only have to book the visa and the flight yourself. It takes getting used to, however, the “international check” with which you have to pay in advance. . . (goes directly to UCLA, the agency is of course free!)

Other tips

A car is nice, but not a must, as the buses can get you anywhere for a maximum of $ 1. 50. Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood, Venice all accessible!!

An American SIM card is really very, very useful. Put your mobile phone in your luggage without Simlock and choose a cheap tariff and you’re done! Really helpful!

Stay abroad with a handicap:
I thought for a long time whether a stay abroad would make sense and then also Westwood with its hilly location, but honestly: trust yourself, there is hardly a more handicapped-friendly country than the USA and routes are really easy to negotiate!

Get the customer cards right at the beginning. Ralphs, CVS etc. offer discounts with the customer card!!

Going out:
Every Thursday a free lemonade drives from the gas station to a bar in Santa Monica at around 10:45 p. m. (but don’t forget the tip;)), not the greatest bar, but a nice change! Clubs are recommended in Hollywood. But under 21 there is usually no chance, unless it is expressly stated that an event is from 18 years of age.

I’m really happy that I chose the summer session at UCLA. It was the summer of my life and although it is quite expensive, it was worth the money in hindsight! You get to know a lot of great people and experience an incredible amount. I’m definitely also making some contacts around the world! If you have the change, you should turn it into a semester, it’s really worth it!Jhome with you Go for it!

UCLA Review