United Arab Emirates Children

What is the school like in the United Arab Emirates?

The education system in the United Arab Emirates is very well developed and free of charge for all citizens. While girls and boys still attend kindergarten together, in elementary school, as in most Arab countries, lessons take place separately. There is compulsory schooling up to the 9th grade. One teacher teaches 15 students, numbers that educational politicians in many European countries can only dream of.

The children of the guest workers are allowed to attend state schools, but have to pay school fees. Well-paid guest workers have no problem with that. However, schools are taught in Arabic, so foreigners often send their children to private schools, which are numerous in the United Arab Emirates. Large companies often pay for their employees. Again, this only applies to well-paid positions. There are also many different school systems, such as British, American, Canadian, Australian and also schools for German children.

Children of the poor guest workers

The children of immigrants who do not have well-paid jobs like the skilled workers from Europe are less well off. They often come from India or Pakistan. Their children may not live in poverty as in their countries of origin, but their lives are different from the lives of the children of the Emiratis.

For a long time, children were used as jockeys in the popular camel races because they were much lighter than adults. There are now legal regulations that stipulate a higher weight of the jockey, but you don’t necessarily stick to them everywhere. The dire form of child labor has repeatedly been heavily criticized.

Rich parents – rich children

Children who go to school in Dubai, for example, and whose parents are wealthy, are usually brought by car. Nothing works on foot, the distances are often too long and the traffic too dangerous. There are school buses and they are an alternative for children who live further away in the outskirts.

A city like Dubai is very child-friendly. The Emiratis promote their children. But not that many children live in Dubai, because many of the guest workers come without their families. Dubai has a considerable surplus of men. There is just one woman for every three men.

Eating in United Arab Emirates

What do you eat in the United Arab Emirates?

The Arabic cuisine in the United Arab Emirates is often provided with typical spices such as saffron, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon or coriander. In Arabic cuisine, everyone often has a special blend of spices, the composition of which is not revealed.

Nuts or pine nuts are often used to refine dishes. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork, but chicken and lamb are on the table and fish, too. Beef is rather rare. Rice is the main accompaniment to many dishes. The influences of neighboring countries are formative in the UAE.

A popular dish is kabsa. Rice, spices and meat serve as the basis. Often almonds, raisins or nuts are added to it. You can see how that can look like in the photo opposite. Our tip for taking part – a recipe – also includes delicious raisins.

Vegetables and appetizers

The most important vegetables are chickpeas, pumpkin, fennel and cauliflower. Chickpeas are popular with hummusprocessed. Eggplants are usually cooked to a porridge or puree and often served as a side dish.

Traditional dishes usually include starters called mezze. This is something that we know under the name of mixed pickles and is often served with fondue and which is pickled vegetables.

What is there for dessert and what is drunk?

As everywhere in the Arab world, the desserts are very sweet and are often prepared with honey, syrup and nuts. For breakfast there is usually tea or coffee, the popular flatbread and goat cheese as well as yogurt. Olives are often served with it.

Alcohol is actually forbidden in the entire Arabian Peninsula. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. In some states it may not be officially served, in others it is strictly forbidden. In the UAE, a country located in Middle East according to countryvv, there are exceptions, especially for the large and international hotels.

The most popular drinks include tea and coffee, but also fruit juices. The preparation of coffee is very important. There are also the usual soft drinks, which you can also buy here from us.


What do you do in your free time in the United Arab Emirates?

The Emiratis – that’s how the residents of the United Arab Emirates are called – love to play golf. Somewhat extraordinary when you consider that the country consists almost entirely of desert. There are also horse races, camel races and car races. Desert rallies are also not uncommon and are also often offered to tourists.

In animal races, children were often used as jockeys because they are lighter than adults. Even four year olds sat up here with camels. However, with accidents happening again and again, this kind of bad child labor was criticized and rightly so, of course. In the meantime, people are even starting to replace children with robots. After all, it is much easier to repair it in the event of an accident. However, this is not always that easy to control; we can assume that one or the other child will still have to work as a jockey.

Shopping as a favorite hobby

Water sports, diving and surfing are other popular activities, but mostly take place in the milder season from October to April.

The children of rich people lead very sheltered lives. Mostly they are driven to leisure activities and money is often not an issue. But a child in the UAE riding a bike to see a friend is almost unthinkable. Of course, children in the UAE also like to play, but there aren’t that many children in the big cities.

By the way, the favorite pastime in the UAE is shopping and often in the big shopping centers of the big cities, of which there are quite a few.

A popular hobby: falcon hunting

By the way, the oldest sport in the UAE is falcon hunting, which is based on very old traditions. This type of hunt was pursued in the Arab world even before our era. Such hawks trained for hunting are very expensive and can cost many thousands of euros. There is even a specialized veterinary clinic in the UAE that only treats falcons.

United Arab Emirates Children