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By | January 10, 2023

Virginia’s economy has long rested on tobacco plantations, yet the state today has a fabric of diverse activities.

Mineral resources

Mineral resources are limited to important coal reserves (Appalaches). On the other hand, agriculture is always prosperous. Breeding (oxen, poultry, sheep) in Appalaches, tobacco cultivation on the coastal plain and crops (potato, soft patate) and fruits (apple, fishing) crops are among the primary resources of the primary sector, exploitation forestry, fishing and oyster farming which are also important activities. The industries are varied. The development of agriculture gave rise, in particular, to several transformation activities: agri-food (meat, charcuterie, dairy products), textile (wool), tobacco, wood (paper). Likewise, coal mining is the cause of the development of heavy industries (steel, metallurgy,


High-tech industries (electronics, fine chemicals) are located on the highway belt in the capital Washington. Port activity (commerce, shipbuilding, fishing) is also very dynamic, particularly in the Hampton Roads region. The island of Jamestown, site of one of the first English colonies in North America, Yorktown, theater of a decisive battle of the War of Independence, or the battlefield Richmond (see War Sécession) contribute to make tourism one of the pillars of the economy place.

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Major Cities in Virginia

Newport News

Newport News, a city ​​in the state of Virginia in the United States with about 183,000 residents. He is an important port city with coal exports, oil refining and shipbuilding as important industries.


Norfolk, a city ​​in the state of Virginia in the United States, on the Chesapeake Bay. It has about 246,000 residents, or about 1.6 million suburbs and Virginia Beach. The city has a larger shipping industry and is a transport hub. The headquarters of the Atlantic Command in NATO is located in Norfolk.


Richmond, the city and capital of the state of Virginia in the United States which has about 1 million residents with suburbs. The city is a financial and trade center with several universities and also a large tobacco industry. Richmond was the capital of the Southern States during the American Civil War.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, a coastal town in the state of Virginia in the United States with about 444,000 residents. He houses several military bases.


Williamsburg, a city ​​in the state of Virginia in the United States. He was the capital of Virginia in the years 1699–1779 and has in our time been reconstructed as he was in the 18th century. Tourism is the most important industry. Williamsburg has about 14,000 residents, and the city was founded in 1633.

Private Schools in Virginia by County

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