Warsaw Travel Guide

By | March 30, 2021

With a very rich history, especially during World War II, according to Abbreviation Finder, Warsaw is a very popular tourist city for those interested in history. Many have prejudices against both the people of Eastern Europe and the cities there, but as the capital of Poland, Warsaw is still emerging as a modern metropolis. The city can offer everything from typical tourist attractions such as old buildings and fortresses, to unique shopping opportunities and fantastic food.

With just over 1.75 million inhabitants, Warsaw is certainly a city to be reckoned with, and larger than many of the other, more visited European capitals. This means that the capital will be perceived as busier than many of the other, popular tourist cities in Poland, such as Gdansk and Krakow. The city is centrally located in the country and has a stable climate, which is best suited for tourists during the summer. Warsaw is perfect for those who want a rich city weekend!


Recommended hotels in Warsaw

  • H15 Boutique Hotel-Poland is a relatively affordable country when it comes to hotels, and here you can get a high standard at a cheap price seen through Norwegian eyes. H15 Boutique Hotel is thus a good example. This is a five star hotel with modern and elegant design and beautiful rooms. Relatively central location with approx. 10 minutes to walk to the center.
  • Polonia Palace Hotel-Great four star hotel with good standard. The rooms are relatively large and pretty. The hotel has a nice and quiet location and you are in walking distance to most things. It takes approx. 20 minutes walk to the center of the old town, a nice walk recommended. Good service with nice and helpful staff.
  • Sofitel Warsaw VictoriaGorgeous and elegant five star hotel near the Old Town of Warsaw. High standard and service-minded staff. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar, fitness center, a beautiful indoor swimming pool and its own casino. Good feedback from Norwegian guests.

Travel to Warsaw

In the summer months it is possible to fly directly to Warsaw from Oslo Airport, but otherwise during the year you will have to stopover or fly via an international airport. The travel time with direct flights is around two hours, while you have to count on double if you take two flights. First and foremost, Warsaw is a sought-after destination for Norwegians due to its low price level, and the city is among the cheapest capitals in all of Europe.

The currency of Poland is the Polish zloty. One zloty is equivalent to just under two Norwegian kroner. As mentioned, you get a lot for your money here, even though the capital is somewhat more expensive than the other tourist cities in Poland. It is considered safe to travel as a tourist in Warsaw, but pickpockets often operate in organized gangs. You should not drink tap water, but buy bottled water. However, it works well for brushing teeth.

Hotels and restaurants in Warsaw

It is generally cheap to stay in Warsaw, even if you want to stay luxuriously. Here you can afford to raise the standard and location, something you could hardly do in, for example, London. If you want to stay extra reasonably priced, you can still get an accommodation at an affordable price. Then you should seek out one of the local hotels that are not located along the busiest downtown streets.

Polish cuisine has not contributed too much to the international food market, but has food that bears the mark of Eastern European affiliation, as well as its close location to Russia. This means that it often goes in fatty sauce and fatty foods. It is recommended that you visit a local Polish restaurant to learn more about the local food. In addition to this, the city has a plentiful selection of restaurants, with everything from dedicated steak houses to seafood restaurants and so on.

Attractions in Warsaw

In Warsaw, you will definitely spend a lot of time shopping, eating and enjoying each other, as the Norwegian krone is so strong that you can really pamper yourself here. But you must also not forget the many sights the capital offers!

Warsaw Palace

Warsaw Palace

For those with a sense of ancient architecture, the Royal Palace in Warsaw is definitely worth a visit. It is located in the old town (which you can read more about in the next section), and was built as late as the 14th century. It has housed several of the Polish kings, before it was unfortunately destroyed by the Germans during World War II. In any case, the reconstruction has made the castle look exactly as it did before the war, and if possible even better.

The old town

The old town

Most European capitals have an “old town”, and Warsaw is no exception. Walking around the square in Warsaw’s Old Town is like traveling back in time. The old town is composed of bricks from old buildings, and consequently has a very old-fashioned feel. Here are both restaurants and shopping malls in the immediate vicinity, as well as a lot of sights.

Lazienki Park

Lazienki Park

The park in Warsaw is a gem not to be missed. It is the city’s largest green area, which also has a rich wildlife. Here is also a giant outdoor theater, which is often used during festivals. The park is very popular with the natives in the summer when the weather gods show off their best side.

The Barbakan fortress

The Barbakan fortress

Warsaw is a city rich in history, and the Poles have had to defend themselves against both over the years. The fortress Barbakan has played an important role, but today it does its job as a tourist attraction. It is built in red wall and is a large and complex facility that history buffs should bring along.