What is a link text

Definition: A link text is a clickable piece of text within an HTML document. It refers to a destination address in the Internet or a resource, such as a file without listing it directly.

According to ELECTRONICSENCYCLOPEDIA, the link text is also known as anchor text, which comes from the English term “anchor text”. As a clickable part of a hyperlink, it is particularly highlighted within the textual structure. Usually you can find link texts in other colors, underlined and / or in bold font, so that they can be easily recognized by the user.

Since links are important ranking factors for search engines, care must be taken when assigning them to a good formulation and choice of words, as otherwise it cannot develop its full effect on the search result.

Structure of a link text

The content of a link text remains an important and relevant component for search engines and should therefore refer to the content of the target page with important keywords. It is important that the link texts are not identical or similar – at least if they refer to external sites! Then these should be individual and diverse. If identical anchor texts are used for all links, search engines could rate this as spam and the target page would not develop its actual potential.

It looks different with internal links! In the case of link texts from internal links, make sure that you always refer to the same content with the same name. For example, if you have a blog, you should always name it that way in the link text.

Example: ” This is our blog.”
“ Read more on our blog! 

And don’t use different names.

E.g. “ Read our news!”

“Our monthly magazine!”

This makes it easier for the website user to find the content they want.

Choice of words for link texts

The link text itself should consist of meaningful words or phrases. It is possible to link entire sentences, but in this case you should always check critically whether this is also useful. The link text should briefly and concisely indicate the content that can be reached through it. In addition, the words and phrases in the link text should be meaningful.

Generic link texts such as “here” or “click” are unsuitable because they do not give the user any information about what content he can expect on the next page. Context-related formulations such as: ” You can read more about links here!” or “You can find more information about links here!”

When choosing the link text, it is also helpful to use natural formulations and not just choose parts of words as the link.

Dear “ You can buy office equipment in our shop. Take ”as link text rather than just“… buy office ” equipment“. This not only looks clearer for the viewer of the website, but also helps the search engines to better evaluate the content of the HTML page.

Formatting of link texts

Link texts are formatted differently than the body text so that they catch the reader’s eye. This also gives fast readers an orientation for further information.

The link texts are usually formatted in a different color, underlined and / or bold.
This formatting can also be set across websites in a CSS stylesheet. It is also useful to define formatting for link texts that have already been visited.
In this way, the website visitor can see at a glance which of the additional content he has already viewed and which has not yet been selected.

It is also possible to include small symbols, icons or graphics in front of the respective link texts. In this way, the assigned hyperlinks would be highlighted even more.

Function of a link text

The link text should show what content the hyperlink hidden under it will present. It shows the user what additional knowledge and what more in-depth information can be expected on the page. In addition, the link itself gives off link power to the page linked to it. It is therefore important to choose the link text yourself carefully, as this will be treated as a keyword in the evaluation of the search engines.

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What is a link text