What is a relaunch

According to BESTITUDE, a relaunch is the redesign of a product, service or website. The term is made up of the English prefix “Re”, which in this case describes the redesign of a project, product or website, while the term “Launch” stands for the beginning of a completely new project.

In the case of websites, the term relaunch usually stands for the publication of a new version of the previous website. The new components of the website can include, for example, layout, structure or surface that have been improved or optimized.

Brands can also be relaunched. The relaunch can be based on the revision of the entire appearance or an external change in the presentation.

Product relaunch

A product relaunch involves changing various optical and technical features of a product. In addition, the life cycle of a product can be extended due to the adaptation of design or function and the product is made more attractive to the customer. The product relaunch is characterized by the characteristic of changing over time to a product that is already on the market.

Objectives of the product relaunch

Companies and brand owners who carry out a product relaunch pursue a number of goals that they would like to achieve with such a relaunch. These include, on the one hand, increasing sales in the company, improving the company’s image, increasing market shares, addressing new target groups or acquiring new customers, as well as creating customer loyalty for the existing target groups.

The main goal of a product relaunch is to increase sales and, in this context, to extend the service life of a product. An elimination decision should be effectively counteracted with a product relaunch.

Website relaunch

A website relaunch is particularly useful if the website has been around for a long time and now appears out of date and no longer up to date. These include, on the one hand, technical factors such as a no longer functioning responsiveness or an outdated CMS. In addition, a change in the corporate philosophy or structure as well as a restricted ability of website visitors to orientate themselves contribute to the need for a website relaunch.

During the website relaunch, the content of the content and the graphics of the page are also checked and re-evaluated. In addition, new elements can be built into the website during a relaunch that offer the user added value. This includes, for example, the installation of an FAQ area, a guest book or a blog or advice page.

However, not too much of the website should be revised in order to maintain the familiar recognition value. When planning and implementing a website relaunch, the various components of the OnPage optimization should also be embedded.

OnPage optimization in the course of a website relaunch

When relaunching a website, the meta data such as title, meta descriptions, subheadings and alt tags should not be neglected. In order to prevent the search engine ranking from suffering from the new measures, reliable SEO tools should be used for on-page optimization.

If the structure of a website is changed, the URL almost always changes too. Correct redirecting must be implied in a relaunch. If a user calls up the URL of the old website, for example because he has saved it as a bookmark or shortcut, he should be redirected automatically and directly to the new URL. More information about correct forwarding in the next paragraph.

In addition, images should be tagged and named, backlinks added and posts categorized. In addition, texts optimized with keywords help users to find the page more quickly using a search engine.

Correct redirecting and avoidance of ranking losses after the relaunch

If a relaunch of a website is planned that is high in the search engine ranking before the relaunch, then of course you do not want to lose this position after the relaunch. In general, the exact URL of a website is always indexed by the search engine. If the website is re-edited as part of a relaunch, the URL almost always changes as well. With the help of a redicting, a website can be made available with more than one URL. This is particularly helpful if someone calls up the old page, for example using a bookmark. Such redirecting can be set up with the status code 301 Redirect, which indicates that the page is permanently warped. The link popularity is also transmitted. However, care must be taken.

What is a relaunch