What is jappy

Jappy is a German social network that was founded in 2001 and is one of the most popular platforms in Germany. In 2008, Jappy had one million active users. At first, Jappy concentrated exclusively on the German-speaking area, after which there was also an English-language version of the platform for a short time in 2011.


The founders Matthias Vogl and Christian Wimmer first made an online flirting platform called Singletreffen.net available in 2001, which was later renamed Jappy.tv and then Jappy.de. The rapid success became apparent in 2006, when the network had over 100,000 members and was changed from a GbR to a GmbH. As of November 2008, Jappy had one million members and had more than 2.5 billion page views per month. An evaluation by Google AdPlanner showed that Jappy was one of the top 10 social networks in Germany and in terms of length of stayper visit was in 2nd place and thus even ahead of Facebook. As early as 2012, Jappy was no longer one of the 10 most popular social networks in Germany, after which it slipped to 16th place in March 2013.


According to POLYHOBBIES, the social network Jappy is a free offer and is financed by advertising revenue. Registration with a nickname is required to use Jappy. The platform is accessible to users aged 14 and over, although Jappy does not generally carry out any age verification. Since 2012, it has also been possible to enter the real first name, which will also appear in the profile depending on the privacy setting. For all registered users up to the age of 18, the contact filter is preset when registering, which is why contacting other users is only possible in the same age range. However, users can switch off or change this setting themselves. Membership proposals are also made who are registered in the vicinity of their own place of residence or of a similar age.

Jappy offers a variety of features that are common in social media:

  • Sending private messages and emoticons
  • Flirt function (can be activated optionally)
  • Chat function
  • Guest book
  • Picture galleries
  • Friends lists
  • Internal platform mail system

In exchange for a virtual currency, so-called credits, users can give others virtual emoticons and gifts. In addition to a mobile version of the platform, there is also the “ Jappy Messenger“, An application for smartphones and tablets with Android or Apple iOS operating systems. There are also special functions on Jappy, but these cannot be activated for a fee. In contrast to other social networks like Facebook, these special functions can only be collected with credits. The more active the users are, the more additional functions are available to them. These usually include displaying the current online status, conveying emotions or handing over a virtual gift. The additional possibilities of expression are based on the comic design and often have a childlike representation.

There are the following additional functions:

  • Games
  • Credits
  • Ranking list
  • groups
  • ticker
  • Scheduling
  • Search function and more

Overall, however, Jappy clearly lags behind comparable offers in terms of design, functionality and layout, which is leading to a drop in membership.


The advantage of Jappy is its simple and clear design. The platform enables a network of friends to be established so that users can make old friends or make new friends. Jappy also provides various functions for communication. Many users still use Jappy in its original purpose as a singles or flirt exchange.


One of the biggest disadvantages of Jappy is the strong decline in membership. Compared to other social networks, it looks rather unfashionable and unappealing. In addition, many users feel disturbed by the advertising messages because they take up a relatively large space.

Due to the lack of security, insufficient data protection and protection of minors, Jappy came under fire in 2010. Stiftung Warentest published information on the platform’s serious security deficiencies. In 2013, these deficiencies led to strangers being able to hack the database and gain access to member data. In the area of ​​youth protection, the operators of Jappy have made some adjustments. For example, the former entry age has been raised from 10 to 14 years and express permission is required for registration under the age of 18the legal guardians are available. A protection filter is preset to Jappy for young users so that they only receive friendship recommendations from users in their age group. This means that older people over the age of 20 cannot contact underage users. One point of criticism here, however, is the setting authorizations, as the young people can switch off or change this protective filter. In this way, it is still possible to contact older users of the platform.

What is jappy