What is Keyword Tool

The best keyword tools: research & analysis

Meaningful keyword research should be part of every online marketing strategy. To do this, you should do thorough research, empathize with the potential customers and check your own guesses with a keyword tool. By definition, a keyword tool is a program that helps with keyword research.

According to GRADINMATH, the best-known keyword tool is definitely the Google Keyword Planner. However, the Google Keyword Planner is not the only keyword tool, and in some cases it is not necessarily the best. For comparison, here is an overview of the best free keyword tools.

Google Keyword Planner: The Standard Keyword Tool

The Keyword Planner (formerly Google Ads Keyword Tool) is primarily intended for advertisers and should therefore be used with caution for pure keyword research. The alternatives for a searched keyword are often not suitable or the keyword tool does not show a search volume for the searched term, just “not provided”. Nevertheless, the keyword planner is suitable for getting an initial overview and collecting ideas.

https: //GoogleAds.google.com/keywordplanner

Google Suggest: Keywords from the auto-completion

With Google Suggest, a convenience function from Google can also be used as a keyword tool. When entering a search term, Google automatically suggests possible completions and thus shows the user further keyword combinations. This can be used, for example, to find long-tail keywords associated with the main keyword entered. Many keyword tools use data from Google Suggest, but nowhere do you get results as quickly as with Google search. In addition, you should take a closer look at the related terms under “Similar searches for” at the end of the search results, because further possible keyword combinations are displayed here.

Google Trends: Who is looking for what, where and when?

This tool from Google helps you to see search queries and their past development. Is the search term currently a trend on Google? Is my term subject to seasonal fluctuations? The keyword tool Google Trends can answer these questions and at the same time suggests other “related terms”.


AnswerThePublic: Keywords clearly presented

Are you looking for ideas for new posts? Do you want to understand what exactly potential customers are looking for, want to learn or what problems they want to solve? The free keyword tool AnswerThePublic can help with this. For a search term, all conceivable combinations with this term that are entered on Google are displayed here. For example, the tool combines a single search term with question words (who, what, when, why, how, where, etc.) or comparison words (and, equal, vs, or, against, etc.). It also shows any combination with all words from A to Z. The visualization helps to recognize the user intention in connection with this keyword and shows relevant questions from the users, which the website operator can answer in order to deliver added value to the visitors.


Keywordtool.io: More convenience

The main part of this keyword tool is only available to paying users, but the free version also offers many useful functions. The keywords from Google Suggest are displayed for each search term. This makes the keyword tool similar to Ubersuggest, but offers more functions and an overview. You can also choose between different search engines, such as YouTube, Ebay or Amazon. In the paid version, search volume and click prices or competition are also displayed. This enables related search terms to be found quickly and easily. For easier work, these results can be easily imported from the Keyword Tool into Excel.


Keyword Finder: SEO difficulty as a criterion

The Keyword Finder is more than just a keyword tool: Here, too, related search terms are found and displayed including search volume and CPC. In addition, the tool also offers an SEO difficulty for each keyword, which should give a quick impression of the competition. The competitors are also displayed for each keyword. Only a few searches per day are free; this keyword tool is also subject to a charge for more research.


The Sistrix Amazon Keyword Tool

On the one hand, for a better understanding of the Amazon search and also to derive general shopping optimizations, the provider Sistrix offers its own Amazon keyword tool. Similar to Google search, Amazon searches have their own rules. For a meaningful optimization, this keyword tool offers related search terms with detailed information, such as the frequency of further keyword components, ratings and average prices. Online retailers can thus optimize their Amazon marketing and also derive information for optimizing their shopping strategy.


What is Keyword Tool