What is mobile marketing

Under M obile marketing refers to all measures of marketing that a representation in the mobile online area targeted. This can be responsive websites for tablets and smartphones . But apps or special adjustments in the area of messaging – such as push notifications or SMS, are also part of this discipline.

What are the advantages of mobile marketing?

In contrast to static offline campaigns, you are extremely flexible in mobile marketing in the online area and can address interested parties regardless of time and place. Because the viewer views the content of the website, app or landing page on their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, you also have their undivided attention. Furthermore, by the A uslesen various data collected personal address or the playing i ndividual r campaign content possible.

As an advertising company, you are more targeted and flexible, and the content of advertising for products and services becomes more relevant and therefore more interesting for the user.

Mobile marketing activities – which ones are there?

In the area of ​​online marketing in particular, there are many ways of responding to the needs of a smartphone or other digital end devices . We present some instruments and possibilities in extracts.

Mobile marketing instruments and mobile marketing measures

1) Flexible display:

M on can make landing pages and websites responsive, which means that this be flexibly adapted to the respective display size. Alternatively, you can also offer mobile websites as an alternative to the normal ones, which are then called up when the viewer calls them up with a mobile device. Tilting a smartphone into landscape format for viewing should also not cause any difficulties for the user.

2) design elements

Here you have to pay attention to the right choice of sizes and functionalities. In mobile marketing, the choice of having Burger menus for display on smartphone image chirmen well enforced like buttons, a certain minimum sizes have. Quite simply because on the touchscreens the user operates menus and buttons with his fingertips. Here, usability clearly takes priority over design considerations. Design elements are geared towards the needs of the user as well as the general conditions of mobile phones and the like.

3) Apps and push notifications

Another form of mobile marketing is the use of useful apps and push notifications. The customer can be proactively notified of offers, expiring sales periods or new content via push notification . The user can turn them off, but push notifications are generally well accepted if there is added value. This type of message can also be delivered as an SMS.

If your company offers an app, this is another variant of mobile marketing. Given the added value and ease of use, it is likely that you can even generate sales here. In one app also can be very good variety collect customer data, which statements concerning purchasing behavior and decision making of use give in the shop and on the Web.

4) Coupons and Discount Codes

If mobile pages or, even better, apps point out savings opportunities, these can lead to additional purchases or spontaneous purchases. Such campaigns can also be combined with local SEO or re-targeting for even more efficiency. You can also go in the opposite direction. QR codes connect printed products, stationary trade and point- of- sale on the shelf with your website, as these can easily be scanned with a mobile phone. The media discontinuity is thus significantly reduced.

5) Local SEO meets Mobile Marketing

If a user is within walking distance of the business according to the location of their mobile device or is looking for something in the vicinity of their own company location, local SEO can work excellently as a marketing measure in mobile marketing. Not only that you present your offers comfortably, you are also more visible and the information required by the user is communicated in a targeted manner.

These mobile marketing instruments are just a few of the elements in the great diversity of this discipline. There are many more, and the ongoing change in the online world is always adding new channels and advertising opportunities.

Mobile Marketing and Usability – Dream Team?

Necessarily! Or let’s say better: It should be like that. Because only if the website, landing page or app can also be used without problems and easily on the mobile device can mobile marketing and its measures also have a meaningful effect. If the usability, i.e. the logically meaningful and simple operation, is not given, a negative impression remains, which can affect the brand, company and purchase decision. If the operation from the mobile site or app is good, but not enough conversions occur, it is time to carry out a conversion rate optimization.Important points in the usability of mobile pages are, in addition to the short loading time, the appropriate size of font, images and buttons as well as the usability with the fingers on touchscreens, to name just a few.

Which target group does mobile marketing address?

Anyone who thinks that mobile marketing only reaches the young target group is wrong. In the meantime, most people have in the DACH region, one or even several i nternetfähige devices. The majority of them are mobile. That is why it makes sense to also check your own interested parties: Where are they moving on the Internet and, above all, with which end devices? A look at Google Analytics can help here.

Goals of mobile marketing

According to THEINTERNETFAQS, direct and immediate customer contact is the focus of mobile marketing, with prospective customers and potential customers also being reached across devices and based on location. Mobile Marketing faces challenges in the area of security and privacy over, as more and more people maintain a more sensitive handling of your information.

For which companies is mobile marketing interesting?

Each U ompany, which has a Web page should have at least the basics of M obile note marketing. This includes, for example, the mobile capability of the website. Incidentally , Google, as one of the largest search engines, also sees it that way. The provider from California announced that it will switch its search to “ mobile first ”. Website views that meet the standards and conditions of a mobile-optimized website are ranked better than others. If this is not the case with the company website, ignored mobile has an effect Marketing directly affects the ranking and thus the visibility of the entire website.

What is mobile marketing